Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cold Sores

Hey everyone,
I know I know, if you read my last blog I bet your thinking hold on a second she has done two blogs in one week when she normally only does one blog!
This blog your about to read is quite important to me and you can probably tell!!!
I think some people will be able to relate to this blog if they get cold sores too. The is the first time this year (I didn't think I would get one!) a cold sore appeared on my face, this really annoyed me - a lot. I hate getting cold sores as they just make me feel really tired and self conscious because i'm worried what people think of me ! luckily I have 9 days to get rid of it before I go back to school so im ready to do a week long work of treatment, healing and a lot of sleeping !x
how do you know I cold sore is coming?
I knew a cold sore was coming when tingling in my face started.
Later that day a hard lump had surfaced on my lip.

why would a cold sore come up on your face?
kissing someone with a cold sore can pass the cold sore on.
stress can cause a cold sore to appear
and (in my case) being tired can cause a cold sore to appear too.
(for more information look on the NHS website)

how can you treat them?
my doctors said that you cant really treat them but you can get creams which I use to fasten the healing/ scabbing process. I also use these patches that they call 'cold sore patches' to stop bacteria getting to my cold sore this helps the cold sore stay at the size it needs to instead of growing.

what I do in the process
  • I put a lot cream on my cold sore or if I don't think it is a cold sore but im just being cautious I use the transparent cold sore patches so you cant tell you have anything on your lip
  • I let the cream dry and ill continuously add cream until it is like a massive ball on my face
  • then a few days after ill soak I with a flannel for about five to ten minutes then i rip the cold sore off.
this may leave a scar on your face as its like you've have picked a scap but it doesn't usually. This is what I do to get rid of cold sores!x

it sounds a bit disgusting but im a impatient girl when it comes to cold sores so I get rid of it as fast as I can.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you to get rid of a cold sore or it helps you to understand why they can appear.

and don't forget, for more information check out the NHS website

bye !x

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

New Years Resolution?

New Years Resolutions

hiya!x Welcome back,
this week I have been thinking about my new years resolution for next year which, surprisingly , was an easy task. I've been wanting to work out more and eat healthier so why not start the year off healthily! What is your new years resolution? x
Here is a tip that will help you to think of a new years resolution:
  • To think of a new years resolution
  • you just need to think of things that maybe you haven't been that good at or haven't been doing. ( like if you are about to have test at school and you don't revise, then maybe you should start revising).
examples of new years resolutions ( maybe you want to use one of these)
  1. going to the gym more often
  2. to stop smoking
  3. to work harder at school
I hope this helps you to think of a new years resolution.
and thanks for reading.

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas is coming so lets get festive!

Christmas is coming so lets get festive :D
I have been working on 2 projects for Christmas and the first project is Christmas nails!
Here are some nail designs you could try out for yourself. There really easy (even though they look quite hard.)
With a bit of imagination these could look like they were done in the salon............. i'm not joking !
If you do manage/ attempt to do these nails please show me a picture on instagram,
My instagram name is: lovebeauty_1
if you share these nails please tag my name and use the #xmaswithtamara ( # xmas with Tamara )      (, no capitals, no spaces!)

The first nail design is a perfect christmasy fire place with perfectly stacked logs burning away (did you see my descriptive writing there !!!!)

here it is ^^^^^^
The next nail design is Santa smiling ! #alliteration
this one is so cool ^^^^
The last nail design I have is Rudolf the red nose reindeer sparkling.

I just love the way Rudolf's nose sparkles !!!^^^^
Thankyou everyone for reading my latest blog post!x
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Sunday, 23 November 2014

my everyday makeup routine products!x

Quick everyday makeup?
Hi everyone :D
Today I am going to show you the makeup I use on my face when I'm just doing a quick everyday makeup. 
The first thing I used was the match perfection foundation by Rimmel London. I apply this with a make up sponge (by Primark). I love this product as it applies fantastically and doesn't leave lines !x

The second thing I used was this match perfection concealer/ highlighter. I used this under my eyes to lighten them up ( and to make me look less tired!haha)


 The next thing i used was this miss sporty matt setting powder just to set my foundation and concealer!x
the next thing i used was this eyelash curler just to curl my eyelashes then i just this mascara just to give my lashes some length and definition. This mascara was only £1.50 ( i think )from body care.
To finish off i just used this colour works lip gloss!x
true match foundation (rimmel London)- boots- £6.99
Rimmel London true match concealer - boots- £5.99
miss sporty so matte perfect stay powder-boots-£3.49
eyelash curler - primark - £1.00
mascara- body care - £1.50 ( i think)
Thanks for reading!x
hres what my makeup turned out like

 (did you like my Christmas themed pictures ? ahaha )
Bye!x :D

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

my third youtube video!x

Youtube :D
Im just so excited to represent my third YouTube video to you all!
please go and check it out!x
My products are from Primark and Boots so there not very expensive ! There just normal drugstore prices !x
here's a couple of the products that are included in my haul:
have a lovely night!x

Thursday, 16 October 2014

YouTube ? x

Hi everyone so I have started a YouTube channel!
And the first video I have done Is a ten facts about me
and the second one is Frankenstein nail art tutorial - which is currently uploading.
If you would like to check my channel out, it is called:

and to watch my latest video click on this link :
here's a little preview into my Frankenstein nail art tutorial !X

Sunday, 17 August 2014

my rice crispy recipie!

So on my last blog I told you that I would give you my own rice crispy recipie!
Here it is!

2.spoon bowl/heatproof bowl                         
5.1-2 baking trays
6.about 12-24 muffin cases
7.rice crispy's

1. Lay out your cup cake cases on 1-2 baking trays
2 Turn on your gas to a medium heat ( for electricity i would say gas mark 4 would be medium heat). the method 'double boiler' get a saucepan and fill it about a quater of the way full with water.
Then get a heat proof bowl- i used a glass bowl - and brake up your chocolate into square pieces ( most chocolate is shaped with squares pieces anyway so it easy to break up!)
4. Place the chocolate squares in the bowl and let the steam off of the boiling water melt your chocolate
5.Stir every so often
6. when most of the chocolate is melted stir contionously  
7.Turn of your heat and let your bowl cool down
8.when your bowl has cooled down so that you touch it move your bowl from the saucepan onto your table/ cloth.
9. pour some rice crispy's ( about 1 quarter - half full ) into your bowl of chocolate and stir countinously
10. when you have gotten all the chocolate cotted on all of your rice crispy's add some more rice crispy's
11.Get a table spoon and scoop a huge amount into your muffin cases so it fills the whole case!
12. when you have scooped all of you mixture into your cases put them in the fridge for 15- 20 minutes. ( just so the chocolate is fully set!)                                                                                                       

If you would like smaller rice crispy cakes then use cupcake cases. An advantage of using this is you get more cupcake cases.

I hope you use this recipie
and thankyou for reading .......


Saturday, 16 August 2014

My baking day with my cousin!

Hey Everyone,

(all of my ingredients)
Today I made some cookies, muffins and rice crispy cakes ....
(but with corn flakes instead).
But before I did any of the delicious baking I had to run some errands first.....
Like going to sainsburys to buy some self raising flour and picking my cousin up (Sharn).

The first thing we made were cookies :
Although these stuck to the baking tray and were very hard to get off the baking tray, they were delicious! (I think these are going to be eaten very quickly as these are so lovely!)

The next thing I made were rice crispy cakes (but with cornflakes instead):
This recipie is so easy so I thought I would give you a recipie which I made up! (This is one of my next blog posts and I use this recipe every time!)
I love this recipe as it only takes about half an hour to do the whole recipe!                                    
I do recommend this recipe if you want a quick treat to give at a party or a BBQ!   
The last thing that I made were chocolate chip muffins.
Mine were a tiny bit over cooked but they are still fine.
I split my mixture in half- one half plain chocolate chip and the other white chocolate chip!
This recipe took the longest time to prepare and cook!
But these are delicious!



Thankyou for reading
and I hope you enjoyed this post!
(:  Bye! :)


Friday, 15 August 2014

My Trip To Jamaica

Hey everyone!
My names Tamara and welcome to my blog! So today I thought I would tell you about my holiday to Jamaica..... So I went on holiday to Jamaica about three weeks ago and it was very hot. I would say it is about 30 degrees or 35 degrees. I stayed at the Clubhotel Riu Ocho Rios with my mom; dad; 2 brothers; my brothers girlfriend; my auntie; her 2 sons; and her daughter!

The hotel that I stayed in was very nice but very big too. The rooms were just about the right size. The rooms had a perfect size fridge to store beer; coke; diet coke; tonic water and large sized bottles of water.... lovely selection. Also above the fridge you had optics (vodka, whiskey , rum and gin). And to top it all off I had a ice machine about 15 hotel rooms away from my room! With 2 single beds put together, how much more relaxing could it get....... I’m only joking. To be honest I thought the beds were absolutely fine!

It was only the size of the hotel that pulled my positivity down! With five floors, they even had a lift that would always take you to top floor when you clicked two buttons ....even if you didn’t click fifth floor! It got a little annoying. Have any of you guys had this happen to you?
(Here’s a picture of part of the hotel from when my dad and I decided to go on a pedalo!)
(This was the adults side of the hotel, I stayed in the family side.)

So as my first blog post I hope you enjoyed reading a little review and thank you for reading it too!


Bye and have a lovely weekend!