Sunday, 23 November 2014

my everyday makeup routine products!x

Quick everyday makeup?
Hi everyone :D
Today I am going to show you the makeup I use on my face when I'm just doing a quick everyday makeup. 
The first thing I used was the match perfection foundation by Rimmel London. I apply this with a make up sponge (by Primark). I love this product as it applies fantastically and doesn't leave lines !x

The second thing I used was this match perfection concealer/ highlighter. I used this under my eyes to lighten them up ( and to make me look less tired!haha)


 The next thing i used was this miss sporty matt setting powder just to set my foundation and concealer!x
the next thing i used was this eyelash curler just to curl my eyelashes then i just this mascara just to give my lashes some length and definition. This mascara was only £1.50 ( i think )from body care.
To finish off i just used this colour works lip gloss!x
true match foundation (rimmel London)- boots- £6.99
Rimmel London true match concealer - boots- £5.99
miss sporty so matte perfect stay powder-boots-£3.49
eyelash curler - primark - £1.00
mascara- body care - £1.50 ( i think)
Thanks for reading!x
hres what my makeup turned out like

 (did you like my Christmas themed pictures ? ahaha )
Bye!x :D

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