Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas is coming so lets get festive!

Christmas is coming so lets get festive :D
I have been working on 2 projects for Christmas and the first project is Christmas nails!
Here are some nail designs you could try out for yourself. There really easy (even though they look quite hard.)
With a bit of imagination these could look like they were done in the salon............. i'm not joking !
If you do manage/ attempt to do these nails please show me a picture on instagram,
My instagram name is: lovebeauty_1
if you share these nails please tag my name and use the #xmaswithtamara ( # xmas with Tamara )      (, no capitals, no spaces!)

The first nail design is a perfect christmasy fire place with perfectly stacked logs burning away (did you see my descriptive writing there !!!!)

here it is ^^^^^^
The next nail design is Santa smiling ! #alliteration
this one is so cool ^^^^
The last nail design I have is Rudolf the red nose reindeer sparkling.

I just love the way Rudolf's nose sparkles !!!^^^^
Thankyou everyone for reading my latest blog post!x
and don't forget to share you nail designs on instagram with the #xmaswithtamara
instagram: lovebeauty_1
youtube: tamarahartles

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