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Cold Sores

Hey everyone,
I know I know, if you read my last blog I bet your thinking hold on a second she has done two blogs in one week when she normally only does one blog!
This blog your about to read is quite important to me and you can probably tell!!!
I think some people will be able to relate to this blog if they get cold sores too. The is the first time this year (I didn't think I would get one!) a cold sore appeared on my face, this really annoyed me - a lot. I hate getting cold sores as they just make me feel really tired and self conscious because i'm worried what people think of me ! luckily I have 9 days to get rid of it before I go back to school so im ready to do a week long work of treatment, healing and a lot of sleeping !x
how do you know I cold sore is coming?
I knew a cold sore was coming when tingling in my face started.
Later that day a hard lump had surfaced on my lip.

why would a cold sore come up on your face?
kissing someone with a cold sore can pass the cold sore on.
stress can cause a cold sore to appear
and (in my case) being tired can cause a cold sore to appear too.
(for more information look on the NHS website)

how can you treat them?
my doctors said that you cant really treat them but you can get creams which I use to fasten the healing/ scabbing process. I also use these patches that they call 'cold sore patches' to stop bacteria getting to my cold sore this helps the cold sore stay at the size it needs to instead of growing.

what I do in the process
  • I put a lot cream on my cold sore or if I don't think it is a cold sore but im just being cautious I use the transparent cold sore patches so you cant tell you have anything on your lip
  • I let the cream dry and ill continuously add cream until it is like a massive ball on my face
  • then a few days after ill soak I with a flannel for about five to ten minutes then i rip the cold sore off.
this may leave a scar on your face as its like you've have picked a scap but it doesn't usually. This is what I do to get rid of cold sores!x

it sounds a bit disgusting but im a impatient girl when it comes to cold sores so I get rid of it as fast as I can.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you to get rid of a cold sore or it helps you to understand why they can appear.

and don't forget, for more information check out the NHS website

bye !x

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