Saturday, 27 December 2014

New Years Resolution?

New Years Resolutions

hiya!x Welcome back,
this week I have been thinking about my new years resolution for next year which, surprisingly , was an easy task. I've been wanting to work out more and eat healthier so why not start the year off healthily! What is your new years resolution? x
Here is a tip that will help you to think of a new years resolution:
  • To think of a new years resolution
  • you just need to think of things that maybe you haven't been that good at or haven't been doing. ( like if you are about to have test at school and you don't revise, then maybe you should start revising).
examples of new years resolutions ( maybe you want to use one of these)
  1. going to the gym more often
  2. to stop smoking
  3. to work harder at school
I hope this helps you to think of a new years resolution.
and thanks for reading.

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