Saturday, 31 January 2015

Top Five Favourite shoes/ Shoe Collection|Tamara Hartles

Hey everyone,
Is it Just me who's happy because its the weekend? wooh hahaah im excited.
So today im showing you my favourite shoes out of my shoe collection.
so lets get started!x

These first shoes are from primark and they are soo cute,
I wear them every time I have a outfit to go with them. I love these shoes!x
these were something like £8.00 or £10.00 ¬

 Okay so these next shoes, I don't have much information about as I got them as a birthday present!x
but I really love them!x

these next shoes I wear literally probably every weekend in the winter/spring/autumn
they are so soft inside and they feel like slippers!X
I mean common who doesn't want to wear slippers outside lol haha
I cant remember where these where from!x

so these shoes are the best wedge/ heels ever!!x
I also got these from primark!xxxx and I sort of have a obsession haha
obviously I don't randomly wear them out
but if it was a normal thing I would... for definite haha
these were something like £12.00 which is a cheap price to pay I think !

 last of all these next shoes are my winter bae's like im not even joking haha I love these boots because they give me a little height... because if you didn't know im kinda small haha and I just love how comfy they are!x I think these shoes are from tescooo ... which  I got in the sale but I cant remember how much they were!x
so I hope you like this blog post!x
are there any more you would like to see?
( any suggestions?)
if so please comment down below!x
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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My Weekly Routine|Tamara Hartles

Hey everyone,
Today I am going to talk to you about what I do in the week!x (as you can tell from the title)
so lets get started.
  • I start my week of by going to school for five days!x which is Monday to Friday.
  • then on Saturday I will wake up at about nine o'clock and I would probably start my day off by watching YouTube videos in bed. Then I will finally get up and do the normally thing everyone does everyday..... brush my teeth, wash my face. Then after I will have my breakfast and go back up stairs to get dressed and do my makeup. Then in the day I will go on a bike ride. then I will go shopping in town or food shopping with my mom.
  • on Sunday most of the time I do the same as Saturday apart from my uncle comes over for Sunday dinner !x
So what do you do in the week?
in my opinion weekends are way more exciting. xx I find school kind of boring !x
so, sorry this was a short blog post this week I need to take some more pictures for my blog!x



Wednesday, 21 January 2015

New youtube video/ preview|Tamara Hartles

hey everyone,
So today im going to tell you about my new YouTube video that I have uploaded recently.
So its all about how I got ready to go shopping with my friend and its about where we went.
so heres the video so you can check it out:
check it out^
so the pictures featured in this video were:
 So here my friend and i went to starbucks!!!xxxx I love this drink here I think it was a mango and passion fruit juice blend!x you should defiantly try it!x

After we arrived at the shopping center we started shopping around. We went into shops like: bank, River Island, Topshop.
Then when we finished shopping we decided to have lunch.... we went to caffé Nero..
my friend had soup and tiger bread to eat and I had a toastie thing with cheese and meat inside
and a packet of crisps which you can see in the next picture!xxxxx
Any way so I hope you liked this weeks blog!x
 see you on Saturdays!xxxxx
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Monday, 19 January 2015

How To Get Rid Of Spots Fast!x ( night Time routine) |Tamara Hartles

Hello Everyone,
today i'm going to be talking to you about how I get rid of spots on my face!x
When a spot appears on my face I instantly just want to get rid of it..... literally,
so most of the time I gather a couple of products which I use every night in my night time routine and a couple of extras!x.
So really your getting my night time routine and my 'getting rid of spot' routine.
For me it normally takes about five days to get rid of a spot on my face. But I suppose it depends on how big your spot is.
the products I use on my spot are in the order I use them listed below :
  • A face wash: I use the Tea Tree Face Scrub.

  • A anti-bacterial cleanser : I use T-zone clear pore anti-bacterial cleanser

  • A Tea tree anti-spot stick

  • Tea tree intensive spot cream

  • Last of all I use a moisturising day cream by Nivea: I know its a day cream but I use it at night too

So here is what I do:
I wash my face with the Tea Tree face scrub ( I use my hands to apply the scrub) and then I wash it all off. Then I will take my T-zone clear pore anti-bacterial cleanser and squirt a bit on to a cotton wool pad/ ball and wipe it all over my face ( sometimes your cotton wool will be a little dirty from where you haven't washed your face properly).Then after I will roll the tea tree intensive spot stick all over my face but not on my spot. ( This will prevent spots appearing on your face). Last of all, if I don't really have any spots I will mix my spot cream and my Nivea moisturising day cream together. But if I do have some spots I will directly put my spot cream on top of the spots and spread it around. Then I will take a pea sized amount of day cream( by Nivea) and wipe it all over my face.

Okay so I hope you liked this blog,
and also I hope this helps you if your trying to get rid of a spot!x

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Three Questions Tag for bloggers

Hi there everyone,
so today I have the three questions tag for bloggers  ( I made this tag up so if you want to use this feel free to). I have done this tag so people will get to know what my blog is about and just some little bits of information about it.
lets go.

1.What is your blog name and why have you used that name?

Okay so my blog name is Tamara Hartles (reviews, beauty and lifestyle) and I chose this name as it was the most easiest option to choose ( as it is my own name with a bit of detail next to it). i added the detail next to it so people would know what my blog was kinda' about. when i mean detail next to it im on about the (reviews, beauty and lifestyle) bit.

2.Why did you create a blog?

I created  a blog so i have a hobby. even though i already have a hobby i wanted to try something new. my normal hobbies where sports or activities. A blog just sounded very interesting

3. last of all what is your blog about (in depth)?

My blog is about everything to be quite honest. My blog is meant to be mostly focused on beauty but i involve a bunch of different things like reviews and lifestyle (hence the name of my blog). i use this blog to help people with reviews and to just give something for people to read. I think a blog focused on one thing can sometimes be a bit boring and limits you to what you write but a blog focused on everything gives you a unlimited track of blogs to write about. it is also interesting to look forward to a different blog style every week.

so i hope you like this blog.
 see you next week

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Review On Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation

Hey everyone as I haven't done a beauty blog in a long time, today I am writing a review on this match perfection foundation by Rimmel London!
I am just going to go through a couple of points for you and then say a overall mark out of ten on how good this foundation is.

Factors that are positive about this foundation:
  • The bottle looks really presentable.
  • it smells nice ( abit like a nice smelling soap)
  • it applies easily
  • it gives enough coverage to mostly cover redness
  • it buffs into your face nicely
Factors that are negative about this foundation:
To be quite honest I couldn't really find many bad factors.
there was only one I could think of which is:
  • it can sometimes feel a bit cakey on your face.
I would rate this foundation a eight out of ten.
I wouldn't rate it a ten out of ten as it doesn't give full coverage and it sometimes feels heavy/ cakey on your face. Apart from that everything is superb about this foundation.

I hope you liked this weeks blog see you on Saturdays blog!x
Also go check out my friends beauty blog:
Blissful Beauty
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Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Camera! review on : 'Samsung smart camera ST200F'

Hello everyone.
today im going to be talking to you about my new camera.
So here are some facts which are shown on the front of the box.
  • This camera is called the 'Samsung smart camera ST200F'
  • The camera has 16.1 megapixels
  • it has wifi connectivity
  • it has 10 times optical zoom (10x)

Here are some visual facts about the front of my camera:
  • my camera is a purple/pink colour
  • the camera has a sticker on the front which says : live panorama, motion photo, instant sharing and saving, simply
  • it also says HD in the corner of the camera.

Here are some facts about the back of my camera:
  • it has a widescreen (I think so anyway so that is more of a opinion)
  • it looks like a simple process to work the camera

I cant wait to use this camera as the quality of the pictures look so good !!!!
for a easy work camera I would advise getting this camera!
I hope you like this blog showing the unboxing of my new camera.
see you on Wednesdays blog!x

Bye !x

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

seeing my nan and grandad/going out for dinner

hello everyone <3
Tamara here!
So today my blog is going to be about how last week I saw my Nan and Grandad.
My nan and grandad live in Devon so we don't really get to see them that much but they came to see my family as we haven't seen them for a long time! It was a really nice day as they came to my house, we chatted for a while and I showed my granddad how to use his new laptop hehe. later in the day I went to a pub and we ate there. for my dinner I had... :
  • steak pie
  • chips
  • beans
It was delicious! Then we came home! As it is my nans birthday soon my brother bought her a cake so we sang happy birthday to her as a early birthday celebration kind of thing hhehe.
They have gone home now which is really sad as I miss them a lot  but I should be seeing them in March sometime so that is alright.

So that is what I did last week. I didn't post it this last week as I posted about three posts last week so I thought I would save this little story for you this week.

I have been thinking of posting two blogs a week. Instead of just posting Sunday or Saturday, I think I will start posting every Wednesday and Saturday. 
Any way I hope you like this blog see you next week !x also I will post this on Wednesday so this will be my first blog post posted on a Wednesday !x

Bye !!!! x

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Thursday, 1 January 2015

New room /shopping / and youtube?

ahhhh !x
I have been very excited this week as (although I has a small wardrobe haha) I am moving into my new room which is way bigger than my old room! Today we are going to levines to look at some pretty furniture. We are searching for a single bed and a dressing table :D
I'm really excited. I think I will be making a video about it or like a room tour im not to sure yet but please subscribe to my youtube channel to watch out for a video about my new room!

youtube: tamarahartles :

I am new to youtube so right now I only have 3 videos up ( which aren't really that great but this year I am starting to film a lot more videos as I have now got a camera tripod ) so I hope you like my channel see you on my next blog post :D I have done 3 blog posts in like one week..... # hello #holidays hahaha x
I hope you have a nice week off and see you on my next blog post !x