Monday, 19 January 2015

How To Get Rid Of Spots Fast!x ( night Time routine) |Tamara Hartles

Hello Everyone,
today i'm going to be talking to you about how I get rid of spots on my face!x
When a spot appears on my face I instantly just want to get rid of it..... literally,
so most of the time I gather a couple of products which I use every night in my night time routine and a couple of extras!x.
So really your getting my night time routine and my 'getting rid of spot' routine.
For me it normally takes about five days to get rid of a spot on my face. But I suppose it depends on how big your spot is.
the products I use on my spot are in the order I use them listed below :
  • A face wash: I use the Tea Tree Face Scrub.

  • A anti-bacterial cleanser : I use T-zone clear pore anti-bacterial cleanser

  • A Tea tree anti-spot stick

  • Tea tree intensive spot cream

  • Last of all I use a moisturising day cream by Nivea: I know its a day cream but I use it at night too

So here is what I do:
I wash my face with the Tea Tree face scrub ( I use my hands to apply the scrub) and then I wash it all off. Then I will take my T-zone clear pore anti-bacterial cleanser and squirt a bit on to a cotton wool pad/ ball and wipe it all over my face ( sometimes your cotton wool will be a little dirty from where you haven't washed your face properly).Then after I will roll the tea tree intensive spot stick all over my face but not on my spot. ( This will prevent spots appearing on your face). Last of all, if I don't really have any spots I will mix my spot cream and my Nivea moisturising day cream together. But if I do have some spots I will directly put my spot cream on top of the spots and spread it around. Then I will take a pea sized amount of day cream( by Nivea) and wipe it all over my face.

Okay so I hope you liked this blog,
and also I hope this helps you if your trying to get rid of a spot!x

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