Thursday, 1 January 2015

New room /shopping / and youtube?

ahhhh !x
I have been very excited this week as (although I has a small wardrobe haha) I am moving into my new room which is way bigger than my old room! Today we are going to levines to look at some pretty furniture. We are searching for a single bed and a dressing table :D
I'm really excited. I think I will be making a video about it or like a room tour im not to sure yet but please subscribe to my youtube channel to watch out for a video about my new room!

youtube: tamarahartles :

I am new to youtube so right now I only have 3 videos up ( which aren't really that great but this year I am starting to film a lot more videos as I have now got a camera tripod ) so I hope you like my channel see you on my next blog post :D I have done 3 blog posts in like one week..... # hello #holidays hahaha x
I hope you have a nice week off and see you on my next blog post !x

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