Wednesday, 7 January 2015

seeing my nan and grandad/going out for dinner

hello everyone <3
Tamara here!
So today my blog is going to be about how last week I saw my Nan and Grandad.
My nan and grandad live in Devon so we don't really get to see them that much but they came to see my family as we haven't seen them for a long time! It was a really nice day as they came to my house, we chatted for a while and I showed my granddad how to use his new laptop hehe. later in the day I went to a pub and we ate there. for my dinner I had... :
  • steak pie
  • chips
  • beans
It was delicious! Then we came home! As it is my nans birthday soon my brother bought her a cake so we sang happy birthday to her as a early birthday celebration kind of thing hhehe.
They have gone home now which is really sad as I miss them a lot  but I should be seeing them in March sometime so that is alright.

So that is what I did last week. I didn't post it this last week as I posted about three posts last week so I thought I would save this little story for you this week.

I have been thinking of posting two blogs a week. Instead of just posting Sunday or Saturday, I think I will start posting every Wednesday and Saturday. 
Any way I hope you like this blog see you next week !x also I will post this on Wednesday so this will be my first blog post posted on a Wednesday !x

Bye !!!! x

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