Saturday, 17 January 2015

Three Questions Tag for bloggers

Hi there everyone,
so today I have the three questions tag for bloggers  ( I made this tag up so if you want to use this feel free to). I have done this tag so people will get to know what my blog is about and just some little bits of information about it.
lets go.

1.What is your blog name and why have you used that name?

Okay so my blog name is Tamara Hartles (reviews, beauty and lifestyle) and I chose this name as it was the most easiest option to choose ( as it is my own name with a bit of detail next to it). i added the detail next to it so people would know what my blog was kinda' about. when i mean detail next to it im on about the (reviews, beauty and lifestyle) bit.

2.Why did you create a blog?

I created  a blog so i have a hobby. even though i already have a hobby i wanted to try something new. my normal hobbies where sports or activities. A blog just sounded very interesting

3. last of all what is your blog about (in depth)?

My blog is about everything to be quite honest. My blog is meant to be mostly focused on beauty but i involve a bunch of different things like reviews and lifestyle (hence the name of my blog). i use this blog to help people with reviews and to just give something for people to read. I think a blog focused on one thing can sometimes be a bit boring and limits you to what you write but a blog focused on everything gives you a unlimited track of blogs to write about. it is also interesting to look forward to a different blog style every week.

so i hope you like this blog.
 see you next week

instagram: lovebeauty_1
youtube: tamarahartles

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