Saturday, 31 January 2015

Top Five Favourite shoes/ Shoe Collection|Tamara Hartles

Hey everyone,
Is it Just me who's happy because its the weekend? wooh hahaah im excited.
So today im showing you my favourite shoes out of my shoe collection.
so lets get started!x

These first shoes are from primark and they are soo cute,
I wear them every time I have a outfit to go with them. I love these shoes!x
these were something like £8.00 or £10.00 ¬

 Okay so these next shoes, I don't have much information about as I got them as a birthday present!x
but I really love them!x

these next shoes I wear literally probably every weekend in the winter/spring/autumn
they are so soft inside and they feel like slippers!X
I mean common who doesn't want to wear slippers outside lol haha
I cant remember where these where from!x

so these shoes are the best wedge/ heels ever!!x
I also got these from primark!xxxx and I sort of have a obsession haha
obviously I don't randomly wear them out
but if it was a normal thing I would... for definite haha
these were something like £12.00 which is a cheap price to pay I think !

 last of all these next shoes are my winter bae's like im not even joking haha I love these boots because they give me a little height... because if you didn't know im kinda small haha and I just love how comfy they are!x I think these shoes are from tescooo ... which  I got in the sale but I cant remember how much they were!x
so I hope you like this blog post!x
are there any more you would like to see?
( any suggestions?)
if so please comment down below!x
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