Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How To Get Heatless Curly Hair // Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone...
so as my bedroom is nearly finished I decided to get back on track with my blog :D
im quite excited ahaha!x
Today I have decided to show you how I get really cute curls!x
These curls look really natural and are soo pretty!x

What you will need is:
  • These £1.00 hair rollers from Pound Land
They are very bendy so they are easy to use and you can get them in three different colours (these are the colours I saw anyway) Black; purple; and pink.
I have 4 packs (each pack has 8 rollers in with two sizes, I will show you the sizes in my next picture) this is because my hair is quite thick.
if you have thin hair you will only need 1 to 2 packs depending on how thin your hair is. I used to use 2 packs and i got nice bouncy curls and my hair is thick so its really up to you how many packs you use/ need.
  • A hair brush
I use a brush which is basically a fake tangle teaser (even though I have a tangle teaser) it works exactly the same... I would sooo recommend getting a tangle teaser as they make your hair sooo soft and they glide through knots very easily.


so now im going to show you how to get these really cute curls:
using the longer roller for the top of your head twist you hair around the roller and close each end inwards and cross one end over the other.... as you can tell this is so easy!xx
Then wait overnight and in the morning you have beautiful heatless curls!x
This is what my hair looked like after I had finished twisting all my hair into the rollers!:
So I hope you liked this weeks blog !x
see you on Saturday...
also guys I am trying to make a new YouTube video but if windows live movie maker wont let me edit I wont be able to :(
Byeee!x have a nice week
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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Food Tag // Tamara Hartles

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to be talking to you about my favourite foods out of 2 options: like a this or that tag but with food.....
lets get right into this ahah!x

sweet or savoury?                   

sweet for definite... but then again I loveee pringlessss.. a lot

Peas or sweet corn?

Lemons or Lime?

White or Dark Chocolate?

Cheese Puffs or Quavers?

Salt or Pepper?

salt... it tastes soo nice on cheesey chips!!!xxx

Ham or Bacon?

Bacon !x

Greggs or Subway?

Greggs:I would advise buying the sausage, bean cheese melt... I love it!x

Starbucks or Costa?

Starbucks <3

M&M's or Skittles?

skittles... I have a sweet tooth

Kit-Kat or Crunchy Bar?


Ketchup or Barbecue Sauce?


Coffee or Tea?

tea... 2 sugars ...ahaha

Fish Fingers or Chicken Nuggets?

spaghetti or beans?

Beefburgers or Hot dogs?


Big Johns or Pizza Hut?

Big Johns

Eggs or Bacon?

Spicy or Mild?

Mcdonalds or KFC?


So I hope you liked this weeks blog post!xx


Now I better get on with my homework dues in one Monday... I have to do a big fact file on 11 people from Macbeth!x

Friday, 6 February 2015

January favourites 2015 // food// drinks// makeup ect....| Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone,
Today I am going to be talking to you about my top 10 January favourites!x
lets get started!x

Food and Drink
  1. Popcorn!x I have literally been loving plain popcorn as a healthy snack... might just go and get some now actually haha xx
  2. Doritos--- as a small but fatty snack these are amazingggg !x ahha
  3. Hot chocolate.. perfect for the cold weather :D
  4. I know this sounds weird but starbucks' mango and passion fruit juice blend-- my all time favourite drink!x (its weird as its a ice cold drink and im drinking it in the winter)
  5. last of all... trying to be healthy... I have been loving pure orange and apple juice haha x!x 
moving swiftly on....
  1. Rimmel London Match perfection foundation!!!!!x (I have published a review on this so go and check it out I will leave a link to it at the bottom of this blog!x)
  2. Miss Sporty  quick dry nail polishes-- the pastel colours--- and lime green--- im wearing it right now ready for my get ready with me video !x
  3. last of all for beauty... I have been loving the Nivea pure and natural rich body moisturiser!x
Okay so I am going to post a picture of these boots so you can see what kind of boots I have been liking:
These are my favourite boots at the moment(they look kind of different on the picture but oh well ahah)

last of all,,,,
Favourite website:
youtube/ pinterest :
I have been loving these because every time I  go on both sites I always spend a couple of hours even if I say ill just have a quick look ahha !x
if you didn't know, I have pinterest and youtube so I will leave the link at the bottom of this blog!x

So these are all my favourites I hope you liked this weeks blog post and see you next week!x

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