Friday, 6 February 2015

January favourites 2015 // food// drinks// makeup ect....| Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone,
Today I am going to be talking to you about my top 10 January favourites!x
lets get started!x

Food and Drink
  1. Popcorn!x I have literally been loving plain popcorn as a healthy snack... might just go and get some now actually haha xx
  2. Doritos--- as a small but fatty snack these are amazingggg !x ahha
  3. Hot chocolate.. perfect for the cold weather :D
  4. I know this sounds weird but starbucks' mango and passion fruit juice blend-- my all time favourite drink!x (its weird as its a ice cold drink and im drinking it in the winter)
  5. last of all... trying to be healthy... I have been loving pure orange and apple juice haha x!x 
moving swiftly on....
  1. Rimmel London Match perfection foundation!!!!!x (I have published a review on this so go and check it out I will leave a link to it at the bottom of this blog!x)
  2. Miss Sporty  quick dry nail polishes-- the pastel colours--- and lime green--- im wearing it right now ready for my get ready with me video !x
  3. last of all for beauty... I have been loving the Nivea pure and natural rich body moisturiser!x
Okay so I am going to post a picture of these boots so you can see what kind of boots I have been liking:
These are my favourite boots at the moment(they look kind of different on the picture but oh well ahah)

last of all,,,,
Favourite website:
youtube/ pinterest :
I have been loving these because every time I  go on both sites I always spend a couple of hours even if I say ill just have a quick look ahha !x
if you didn't know, I have pinterest and youtube so I will leave the link at the bottom of this blog!x

So these are all my favourites I hope you liked this weeks blog post and see you next week!x

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Match Perfection Foundation Review: Heres the review!x
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