Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Favourite Youtubers// links// Tamara Hartles

Helloooo everyone,
Today im just going to be chatting to you about my top five favourite YouTuber's this month!x
Lets get started!x
 Starting from 5:

5. Marcus Butler
I love watching his daily vlogs as they are just amazinggg !x

4.Sacconejoly's ( may have spelt it wrong woops? xx haah )
they have such cute children haha and they always have interesting daily vlogs

3.Hannah Maggs
She is just amazinggg, Hannah does weekly vloggs which basicly shows you what she and her husband do in a week with their little boy Grayson!x

2. Gabriella Lindly
Gabby would have been number one because she is my favourite youtuber,
Gabby is the very beautiful and her beauty videos and everyday videos are so good "x

Now moving onto number one.... drum roll please haah xxx
1. FunForLouis
Oh My Days!!!!! he is my inspirational icon!x
he has the best life ever!xx
hash tag life goals!x #lifegoals
For a living he basicly travels and takes you along with him (by camera)
literally when I grow up I want to be like him.... no joke !xxx

Sooo I hope you liked this weeks blog postxx see you on Saturday !xxx

Byeeee !x

Here are the links to all the youtubers metioned above!xxx

Marcus Butler;

Hannah Maggs;

Saccone Jolys:

Gabbriella Lindly:


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