Sunday, 1 March 2015

Healthy Spinach And Tomato Omelette

Why hello everyone!x
so this week I have decided I will be doing a healthy eating week and I would like you to join me next week with all my recipies I will be posting on youtube and on my blog!x!x
on YouTube next week I will be giving you guys recipies and how I make them,,
so lets get started on the first healthy lunch idea !x

This is my own recipe so I hope you like it :

Spinach and Tomato Omlete
  1. A hand full of spinach
  2. 2/3 Tomatoes
  3. 2 medium sized eggs
  4. a little bit of milk to add 1cm on top of the eggs (you'll get it in a minute..)
  5.  little drop of oil
  1. Frying Pan
  2. spatula
  3. knife
  4. Chopping Board
  1. So the first thing you want to do is wash your spinach and chop the spinach in half
  2. then get three of your tomatoes and chop them into quarters and then chop the quarters into cube like shapes so you have squares
  3. after crack two of your eggs into a bowl and add a touch of milk and Wisk  together until its turns to a cream/ yellow colour
  4. Then add a touch of oil to a saucepan , turn your heat up to medium and add your spinach and chopped tomatoes in
  5. after 20- 30 seconds you add the milk and egg mixture.
  6. then wait for 4- 5 minutes then flip your omelette and wait another 4-5 minutes
  7. once your omelette is cooked... boom... put it on a plate and eat it hhahah.... it tastes delicious!x
I hope you have fun making this omelette !x
Byeee !xx
look at my links to check out what else I do !x

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