Friday, 13 March 2015

My Favourite Youtube Videos

Hello everybody,
Today I'm going to be telling you my top three favourite YouTube videos:
have you noticed I have a YouTube vibe going on this week ahhaa :D
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Lets get started !x

1.FunForLouis video:
I really want to go to this place in surrey #AirHop
Teaching Jamie Olive How To Backflip:

2.Hannah Maggs
They're little son is so cute!xxx
Also Hannah and Stephen are a match made in heaven and they're editing is amazing!x
(any of their videos)

3.Joe sugg vlogs
I really want to move to America when i'm older so this persuades me to go to America even more hahhaha
America vlogs -

Okay so don't forget to check these videos out and also please subscribe to my YouTube!x

Have a nice weekend!x

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