Thursday, 19 March 2015

Would You Rather Wierd/ Hard Addition...

Why hello again hahah,
So today I am going to be telling you my answers to a weird would you rather....
lets goooo ... !x

  • Be buried alive or stranded at sea?
be stranded at sea...... maybe ...aghhh this is hard hahaha

  • see into the future or change the past?
I would like to see into the future!!!!!xx

  • Have one wish granted now or have three wishes granted over ten years
I would choose have one wish granted now

  • last of all ... would you rather only be able to wee yourself for the rest of your life or never be able to get rid of the sensation to sneeze..
This one is really hard ... I would want the sneeze sensation..

okay so I hope you likes this weeks blog !x

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