Monday, 27 April 2015

In The Future? | Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone!x
Today im posting a chatty blog soo lets get startedxx
also feel free to comment down below anything about this chatty blog post!x

So today we saw the young Americans which is a dance, singing and acting organisation who go on tour and in the group there is 40 of the 'stars' haha!x

This day literally made me think of what I wanted to do when I am older.... I already knew I wanted to live abroad somewhere ( like America... ) or I wanted to be a rep (representative) at a hotel or I wanted to be a air hostess/ be within the work of cabin crew.
Deep down I love singing dancing and acting which I could do with this young Americans organisation !xxx
watching the Young Americans do there dancing and singing really persuaded me to live in America even more... and plus I LOVE Americans ... their accent is so cool hahah xx

I know in the future im hoping to go to college then university... to study MFL (modern foreign languages) and within MFL I would love to learn Spanish and Chinese or mandarin. This will help me towards either working abroud, as a air hostess or being a translator.
I don't really know where the idea of getting any of these jobs came from its probably because I love going abroad on holiday so working abroad would fascinate me!x

any way .... What would you like to do in the future?xxx
have a nice day!x  and I hope you liked this deep blog post today ahaha


Friday, 24 April 2015

A little Beauty Haul :D

heya everyone!x
I don't think I have posted couple of weeks.... oops haha xx

Today im going to be talking to you about some cute little beauty related things I bought or just look amazing in a Instagram picture!xx
Most of these items aren't anything like a £30.00 Bobbie Brown foundation or concealer palette- obvs because im only 13 - but they are little samples and things like that.....
Any way lets get started....

1. the first thing I am showing you is the most amazing thing if you have a tumblr/ beauty account on instagram!x people love seeing pictures like this ( well I know I do anyway)... very tumblr esc ...

look how cute my winnie the pooh bedding is....

2.heres a sample of what I got from the benefit counter... the lovely lady gave me and my friend these samples to try out... I wish she didn't give them us now because I really want to go back and buy the actual thing ...... uh oh haha xx


3.this magazine literally came with like 3-4 samples!x
it had a moisturiser
a foundation
a bb cream
and a prada candy perfume wipe!!!x
these are a amazing!x

4. okay so last of all.....I bought some new makeup brushes!!x They are SO soft im not even joking!x
there is ten in a pack and you get five eye brushes and five face brushes!x you will see in the picture what they look like:
here are my stippling brushes!xx aghh im so excited hahaa x
So i hope you liked this blog post this week xx
What was your favourite picture shown ? xx
I love the magazine and the sunglasses;
also when im holding all the brushes in front of the camera !x
I hope you have a great weekend...

Saturday, 4 April 2015

pointless blog | F.R.I.E.N.D.S.| Tamara Hartles

Hi there everyone!x

Today I'm going to be talking to you about lines/ quotes from tv series, you tubers and more soooo as I always say:
lets get started!x

When I think of the comedy F.R.I.E.N.D.S I automatically think of:
'Joey doesn't share food' !!!!!!
'smelly cat smelly cat what are they feeding you;

friends used to be a big part of my life but not so much anymore as it has now gone of E4 :(. this makes me sad
but... a few years ago my auntie got me some friends series for my birthday so I can watch them and see my 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' again hahaha ( do you get my joke.... (probably not it wasn't very good ahhaha).

The next quote that came to mind was a couple of quotes from Pointless Blog:
here are some:
'sorry about my hair today guys'
'What's up guys'

so I hope you liked this blog post this week