Monday, 27 April 2015

In The Future? | Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone!x
Today im posting a chatty blog soo lets get startedxx
also feel free to comment down below anything about this chatty blog post!x

So today we saw the young Americans which is a dance, singing and acting organisation who go on tour and in the group there is 40 of the 'stars' haha!x

This day literally made me think of what I wanted to do when I am older.... I already knew I wanted to live abroad somewhere ( like America... ) or I wanted to be a rep (representative) at a hotel or I wanted to be a air hostess/ be within the work of cabin crew.
Deep down I love singing dancing and acting which I could do with this young Americans organisation !xxx
watching the Young Americans do there dancing and singing really persuaded me to live in America even more... and plus I LOVE Americans ... their accent is so cool hahah xx

I know in the future im hoping to go to college then university... to study MFL (modern foreign languages) and within MFL I would love to learn Spanish and Chinese or mandarin. This will help me towards either working abroud, as a air hostess or being a translator.
I don't really know where the idea of getting any of these jobs came from its probably because I love going abroad on holiday so working abroad would fascinate me!x

any way .... What would you like to do in the future?xxx
have a nice day!x  and I hope you liked this deep blog post today ahaha


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