Monday, 25 May 2015

Joke Of The Day// Monday Morning Moan |Tamara Hartles

What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A Gummy Bear

Friday, 22 May 2015

Top Five Things To Do In The Holidays//Summer |Tamara Hartles

Hey everyone!x
So this week I have a week off from school!x
So i thought I would tell you some things you could do in the holidays that wont make you bored// or with help you with your boredom.... And you can do some of these on your own or with friends!x
  1. Gather a group of friends and go shopping--the best way to shop is with a bunch of friends!x 
  2. Have a massive sleepover with a bunch of friends!x
  3. Another one for you and your friends--- a pool party
  4. Also with friends you can have a photo shoot!x
  5. Now one for yourself is.... bake.. its so relaxing and even if you didn't want to bake yourself you could also invite friend to help you for this aswell!x
So this summer have a amazing week and also you could do all of these thing at a sleepover so maybe you could have one amazing sleepover doing all these activities!x
Have a nice week!x see you on Monday!x
Also if you didn't know, I post Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday now so check out my other blog post I have posted recently!x


    Monday, 18 May 2015

    Joke Of The Day// Monday Morning Moan |Tamara Hartles

    So as Monday is stereotypically a very tiring boring day, I wanted to make it better by telling you jokes every Monday!x

    If you want to catch a squirrel just climb a tree and act like a nut.

    Positive Thinking// Tuesday Quote Of The Day |Tamara Hartles

    So I have been making new posts everyweek.. Like yesterday was joke Monday and today is Tuesdays quote: 
    I hope you like it!xx

    Everyone's like a daisy : your all perfect!x

    Sunday, 17 May 2015

    Dont Wear Heals In The Woods// Earlswood Woods |Tamara Hartles

    Mine And My Dads Photography:
    My dad and I went on a perfect walk through the woods,
    And Although I was wearing heels- which isn't the best idea,
    it was very relaxing!x

    Here are some pictures of my walk through earlwood woods!x (by the way I may be posing in a lot of them).

    As we walked into the woods there was this sign about nature and the whole woods!x

    There were some really pretty sights to see!x
    We walked through some really pretty blue bells!x

    Here is my outfit of the day!x

    My coat is from Next:

    My black jeans are from Gok Wans collection from sainsburys:

    My boots are from Tesco:

    Last of all here's the map on my phone of were we walked!x

    I hope you liked this weeks blog post!x

    see you on Wednesday!x


    Friday, 8 May 2015

    My New bedroom// Top 4 favourite objects!x |Tamara Hartles

    Hey everyone!x
    Today I decided to make a easy blog post because this weekend is very busy!!xx
    My dad and I are doing some things for this blog so I thought it would be great to do a quick blog post and then have more time to edit my other 3 posts so they are the best they can be !!xx

    Any way here are four objects from my room that I love!!xx

    1.This really cute heart bin!x

    2.This mirror which opens and inside is a jewellery compartment


    4. my vintage bed side cabinet

    5.My matching vintage dressing table !x

    I hope you liked this quick blog post this week!xx
    See you next week with a bigger better blog post aha!x

    Wednesday, 6 May 2015

    Summer Next Haul!x |Tamara Hartles

    Hi there welcome back to Wednesdays blog post!x,
    Today I have a next haul for you guys,
    there is just a few bits and pieces that I bought from next the other day!x
    I thought as I needed to create a blog post, why not show you what I bought!x
    (all the pictures are my own but for a better view of the items click on the links I have shown)
    I bought three dresses from next-
    The first dress is very casual... Its a skater dress-
    it has green and white stripes!x 
    you can style it with anything and everything!x
    The price of this dress was £8.00.

    The next dress is a formal dress-
    this is the same as the green and white dress as it is also a skater dress.
    This dress is navy and white and has larger stripes.
    The price of this dress was £8.00 just like the other dress.
    this dress would look really pretty with the perfect navy or white wedges.
    Here's the link:

    The last dress I have to show you is a different dress to the other two.
    This dress isn't a skater skirt and can be worn casually or formally...
    it depends on how you style it!x
    this dress is navy and white.
    the price of the dress is £10.50
    the first pair of shoes I have to show you are these casual slip on pumps,
    these would go perfect with the green and white skater dress...
    the pumps were £12.00.
    they are white with a colourful trimming around the edges:
    The next pair of shoes are for a formal occasion or a special occasion:
    These are navy and white wedges with a Aztec design.
    The price of these wedges are £18.00

    So that's all for todays blog post,
    but don't forget!x
    I post twice a week so ill see you on Saturday!x

    Saturday, 2 May 2015

    Whats New? |Tamara Hartles

    Hello everyone, !x
    My name is Tamara and today I'm going to be talking about things I have bought or new positive habits I have been getting into recently!x
    so without further a due lets get started!x
    New Makeup Brushes!x
    The other week I kindly asked my dad "please may you buy me some makeup brushes" eventually he came around after about a day or two and we browsed the internet a couple of times until I came across these very soft, perfect brushes!x (although I wanted some other brushes I'm very glad I got these ones that my dad picked out because they are the softest brushes ever!x) 
    (these are off ebay if you were wondering and they are very affordable)
    Heres the link to Ebay- where I got my brushes from:
    Magazines (the genre of fashion)
    Recently I have been loving the Fashion magazine.
    I started loving this magazine when I had to buy a fashion magazine for my media corsework.... the shop only had one left of this type of magazine and if somebody else went in to the shop and bought it before me I wouldn't have got a fashion magazine at all !! there magazine section is very small haha....
    and ever since then when we had 3 weeks of sun I bought a magazine every week !!xxx
    here's what one of their issues looked like:
    (don't mind the tumblr photo... I think I should be a photographer hehe)
    That's all this week but I will see you next week!xx