Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Summer Next Haul!x |Tamara Hartles

Hi there welcome back to Wednesdays blog post!x,
Today I have a next haul for you guys,
there is just a few bits and pieces that I bought from next the other day!x
I thought as I needed to create a blog post, why not show you what I bought!x
(all the pictures are my own but for a better view of the items click on the links I have shown)
I bought three dresses from next-
The first dress is very casual... Its a skater dress-
it has green and white stripes!x 
you can style it with anything and everything!x
The price of this dress was £8.00.

The next dress is a formal dress-
this is the same as the green and white dress as it is also a skater dress.
This dress is navy and white and has larger stripes.
The price of this dress was £8.00 just like the other dress.
this dress would look really pretty with the perfect navy or white wedges.
Here's the link:

The last dress I have to show you is a different dress to the other two.
This dress isn't a skater skirt and can be worn casually or formally...
it depends on how you style it!x
this dress is navy and white.
the price of the dress is £10.50
the first pair of shoes I have to show you are these casual slip on pumps,
these would go perfect with the green and white skater dress...
the pumps were £12.00.
they are white with a colourful trimming around the edges:
The next pair of shoes are for a formal occasion or a special occasion:
These are navy and white wedges with a Aztec design.
The price of these wedges are £18.00

So that's all for todays blog post,
but don't forget!x
I post twice a week so ill see you on Saturday!x

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