Friday, 22 May 2015

Top Five Things To Do In The Holidays//Summer |Tamara Hartles

Hey everyone!x
So this week I have a week off from school!x
So i thought I would tell you some things you could do in the holidays that wont make you bored// or with help you with your boredom.... And you can do some of these on your own or with friends!x
  1. Gather a group of friends and go shopping--the best way to shop is with a bunch of friends!x 
  2. Have a massive sleepover with a bunch of friends!x
  3. Another one for you and your friends--- a pool party
  4. Also with friends you can have a photo shoot!x
  5. Now one for yourself is.... bake.. its so relaxing and even if you didn't want to bake yourself you could also invite friend to help you for this aswell!x
So this summer have a amazing week and also you could do all of these thing at a sleepover so maybe you could have one amazing sleepover doing all these activities!x
Have a nice week!x see you on Monday!x
Also if you didn't know, I post Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday now so check out my other blog post I have posted recently!x


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