Saturday, 2 May 2015

Whats New? |Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone, !x
My name is Tamara and today I'm going to be talking about things I have bought or new positive habits I have been getting into recently!x
so without further a due lets get started!x

New Makeup Brushes!x
The other week I kindly asked my dad "please may you buy me some makeup brushes" eventually he came around after about a day or two and we browsed the internet a couple of times until I came across these very soft, perfect brushes!x (although I wanted some other brushes I'm very glad I got these ones that my dad picked out because they are the softest brushes ever!x) 
(these are off ebay if you were wondering and they are very affordable)
Heres the link to Ebay- where I got my brushes from:
Magazines (the genre of fashion)
Recently I have been loving the Fashion magazine.
I started loving this magazine when I had to buy a fashion magazine for my media corsework.... the shop only had one left of this type of magazine and if somebody else went in to the shop and bought it before me I wouldn't have got a fashion magazine at all !! there magazine section is very small haha....
and ever since then when we had 3 weeks of sun I bought a magazine every week !!xxx
here's what one of their issues looked like:
(don't mind the tumblr photo... I think I should be a photographer hehe)
That's all this week but I will see you next week!xx

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