Saturday, 25 July 2015

Earlswood Lakes w// Amy // Tamara Hartles

Hello Everyone,

When I uploaded a blog post last, I realised it was my 60th post!x
How amazing!x
         So last week my friend (Amy) and I went to Earlswood Lakes!x
It was so relaxing sitting on this fishing deck:
The sun was beaming down and the sound of the ducks was perfect// it was a perfect spot!x

These pictures don't compliment how sunny it was!!

As we were walking round we sort of got lost and landed in a corn field... don't even ask ahha
we managed to cross a bridge..
Eventually we found our way back but my bike lock broke and we had to get these fishermen to unlock our bikes!x
Here's a vlog of my day!!!x:

Also here's the collage i made for my thumbnail!x:
I hope you like this weeks blog post!x
have a good week!x
See you  Wednesday!x

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Haul week //jelly shoe collection// Tamara Hartles

Gutan Tag,
Today I have a jelly shoe collection/ new jelly shoes I have bought:
if you didn't already know I am making posts everyday,
this is because I haven't posted in a very long time!x
here are some shops I bought them from:
shoe zone:
new look:

here's the video if you want to see what they look like!x

thanks for watching and reading todays post
come back tomorrow for another haul video!x

New brushes// Tamara Hartles

as you may probably know..
I love makeup and makeup brushes!x
Even though I don't wear makeup everyday
I think I am a makeup hoarder!x
don't get me wrong I use everything I buy!x
any way so today I am showing you two brushes which I bought from body care!x

These brushes are very soft and very cheap:
both brushes were £1.45 (I think) ahha
and they are bothe eye brushes!x

I hope you like todays haul video!xx
If you haven't seen yesterdays you should definitely go and check it out!x

see you tomorrow!x

Monday, 6 July 2015

haul week// Avon// Tamara Hartles

This week ill be showing you a bunch of things I have bought in the past month or two..
I have decided to post everyday up until Friday,
and then ill carry on with other videos!x
I am posting every day to make up for not posting as often as I should:
I will be showing you these hauls in edited videos...
so here you go,
 I hope you like this weeks posts!x
and I defiantly hope you like hauls haha!x

Today im going to be showing you some products I got from Avon!x

Here's the link to watch the video on youtube:

Or just watch the video here!x
In this video I show 4 products-
a liquid eyeliner
a nail varnish in the colour cherry jubilee
a lip tint in raspberry
and last of all a lip tint In coral!x
when you buy a liptint you get a free gift :
the free gift was the nail vanish and the eyeliner!x
Here's a link to Avon:

have a nice time watching the video!x
see you tomorrow!x

Friday, 3 July 2015

How Pretty Is Nature?!x |Tamara Hartles

I really do like nature and pictures of nature are so pretty!x

It just makes you think why be so negative when positivity is everywhere!x



Hey everyone have been very busy recently so I thought I would do blog posts every day this week to make up for all the posts I haven't posted!x
so lets get started
cya soon!x
bye xx