Monday, 6 July 2015

haul week// Avon// Tamara Hartles

This week ill be showing you a bunch of things I have bought in the past month or two..
I have decided to post everyday up until Friday,
and then ill carry on with other videos!x
I am posting every day to make up for not posting as often as I should:
I will be showing you these hauls in edited videos...
so here you go,
 I hope you like this weeks posts!x
and I defiantly hope you like hauls haha!x

Today im going to be showing you some products I got from Avon!x

Here's the link to watch the video on youtube:

Or just watch the video here!x
In this video I show 4 products-
a liquid eyeliner
a nail varnish in the colour cherry jubilee
a lip tint in raspberry
and last of all a lip tint In coral!x
when you buy a liptint you get a free gift :
the free gift was the nail vanish and the eyeliner!x
Here's a link to Avon:

have a nice time watching the video!x
see you tomorrow!x

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