Saturday, 25 July 2015

Earlswood Lakes w// Amy // Tamara Hartles

Hello Everyone,

When I uploaded a blog post last, I realised it was my 60th post!x
How amazing!x
         So last week my friend (Amy) and I went to Earlswood Lakes!x
It was so relaxing sitting on this fishing deck:
The sun was beaming down and the sound of the ducks was perfect// it was a perfect spot!x

These pictures don't compliment how sunny it was!!

As we were walking round we sort of got lost and landed in a corn field... don't even ask ahha
we managed to cross a bridge..
Eventually we found our way back but my bike lock broke and we had to get these fishermen to unlock our bikes!x
Here's a vlog of my day!!!x:

Also here's the collage i made for my thumbnail!x:
I hope you like this weeks blog post!x
have a good week!x
See you  Wednesday!x

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