Sunday, 16 August 2015

Im addicted?!// Page256!x | Tamara Hartles

The title means a lot more than its supposed to but,
I really am addicted to .... The Hunger Games (in a good way obviously)!x ahaha
Most of the time I read the first fifty pages of a book and get very bored, so I only buy the free books off amazon...LOL hahaha.
But uniquely I decided to buy the actual paper back book of The Hunger Games!

       It takes a lot of loving to read the whole book because if you haven't read it , it is 435/436 pages!x
I'm nearly half way through the book!x
How crazy!

       If I say so my self I am quite a strong reader so I have read half the book in 4 days and this book has so many cliff hangers I just cant stop reading, this may be bad sometimes though, I sort of forget to do things like get a glass of water every so often!x
but if you cant tell I'm hooked on this book !x
I would so recommend you buy it if you haven't already?
(even though I'm behind on the trend of watching the movie and reading the three books, I don't even care)!x
it looks like I'll be buying all three books!x
Apparently blogger wont let me rotate my pictures!

      I hope you like this weeks blog post!x
i'll see you next week

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