Friday, 18 September 2015

LUCY// OH MY// Best Film Ever?// Tamara Hartles

Hi Guys!x
As you can tell by the title I have a little review on the film 'Lucy' for you!x
All i can say is WOW!x
Just a little bit of information:
Best sci-fi film i have ever watched!
Great Director:Luc Besson
Scarlett Johansson Fav Actor.. Ermmm yes!!

If you don't know what this film is about!x... i don't want to spoil it for you so get off this blog post quick because in
spoiler alert!!!!
lucys boyfriend tricks her into taking a package to a business man,she is taken by thugs and gets a chemical implanted in her body which lets her use 100% of her human brain ( giving her superman powers/ able to see telephone lines in air// telepathy)
I am not going to tell you any more because you should check it out yourself!x
All the way through the film i was on my feet.. eyes wide open ect.
absolutely was no part of the film boring.
It can be kind of scary at times but Man it doesn't matter because your to concentrated on asking yourself whats going to happen next to be worrying about yourself being scared!x

Would i recommend buying this film/
Yes of course
but don't forget the age rating is .. i think a 18/16!x

Thank you for reading i'll see you next time!x

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