Monday, 26 October 2015

Sharpies?!//Help//Tamara Hartles

Today Im going to be talking to you about ways in which sharpies actually help with your life!x
1.They relax you so much!x
A few weeks ago I was making doodles with these sharpies and I felt so relaxed and soothed after!
I spent about a hour and a half doodling and didn't even realise!
Here are my doodles:
2.They make great Tumblr pictures!x
These make you seem like your a brilliant artist and the world will love a bit of sharpie action!!X
so take a really cool picture of your doodles with a few sharpies by the side at a angle and boom... your a photographer....
here's mine!!x
perfect huh?!!x
3.Last of all; these make you so happy!x
obviously bright colours connote happiness but, if your obsessed with buying stationary, yet you don't really need it, welcome to my world.
I have always wanted a little sharpie collection/stash and here it is people!!x
when I bought these I was like yesssss!!!this made me sooo happy!x
But also another thing that made me happy was to know that when I revise I have markers which I can underline things and make everything so colourful with!x
If you would like to get these limited edition Sharpies
You may still be able to get them from the sharpie website:
I got mine from Tesco!x:
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So I hope you loved this weeks blog post ill see you Saturday!x

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Batsford Arboretum//Forest//Secret Lookbook??//Tamara Hartles

Hello Everyone!x
Last Friday i went to Batsford Arboretum with my two cousins: Reece & Finley and their nan and granddad!x
If you didn't know what this was, its a place (like a forest- that's what I think anyway haha) which has trees and plants- like a garden.
My cousin and I took pictures and videos of Batsford Arboretum and that is what my blog post is about today:
Im going to be showing some pictures that we took!!
don't worry ..( I know what your thinking..) this is a very long blog post
here's a link to the Batsford Arboretum website:



Friday, 2 October 2015

Autumn Look Book 2!x // Tamara Hartles

Gutan Tag,
So as you guys know I have started a look book for autumn and oh my!x
Can I just say this weeks look is so pretty yet you can wear it formally/casually or just plain old casual!x
For a while now I have been looking for this exact outfit and more specifically a flannel top!x If you don't know what a flannel is well oh my !!! get on pinterest right now and search it hahaha xxx
They are in fashion at the moment!x
Any way!x
Here is the story of how I found my flannel.

By were I live a new TK Maxx has been built and my mom knew I was looking for a flannel since the end of august... My mom showed me a few that were on the racks, but they were so big on me we just decided to leave the search for a new flannel hahah, my mom decided that she wanted to go upstairs so I started to have a look at the makeup/beauty section in TK Maxx because you know,,, up to 60% off of high end makeup is a dream come true haha xx After about half a hour I decided to meet my mom upstairs, she greeted me with 'The Flannel' haha the flannel was perfect ahaha xxx (I don't over exaggerate at all ;) )
Moving on to showing you the actual outfit haha!x
My Flannel is from TK Maxx:
My Trousers are from Next:
Black Converse: