Monday, 26 October 2015

Sharpies?!//Help//Tamara Hartles

Today Im going to be talking to you about ways in which sharpies actually help with your life!x
1.They relax you so much!x
A few weeks ago I was making doodles with these sharpies and I felt so relaxed and soothed after!
I spent about a hour and a half doodling and didn't even realise!
Here are my doodles:
2.They make great Tumblr pictures!x
These make you seem like your a brilliant artist and the world will love a bit of sharpie action!!X
so take a really cool picture of your doodles with a few sharpies by the side at a angle and boom... your a photographer....
here's mine!!x
perfect huh?!!x
3.Last of all; these make you so happy!x
obviously bright colours connote happiness but, if your obsessed with buying stationary, yet you don't really need it, welcome to my world.
I have always wanted a little sharpie collection/stash and here it is people!!x
when I bought these I was like yesssss!!!this made me sooo happy!x
But also another thing that made me happy was to know that when I revise I have markers which I can underline things and make everything so colourful with!x
If you would like to get these limited edition Sharpies
You may still be able to get them from the sharpie website:
I got mine from Tesco!x:
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So I hope you loved this weeks blog post ill see you Saturday!x

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  1. Good luck with your blog. I just started one too, and wanted to invite you