Sunday, 15 November 2015

Spectre Review!x//Tamara Hartles

Hiya Guys!x
Friday I went to see the new James Bond// 007 Movie (or shall I say the last James Bond movie!!)
I saw it in Cineworld Solihull!x
Here's my ticket if you wanted to know my row.. ect...

The first thing I would like to say is this film was amazing!x
Best film I have seen in the last couple of months!x
Loved it!x
The seating where I sat was amazing!x
You know when you select your seat and then a tall person sits in front of you..(well this happens to me all the time), it didn't happen this time because of where I sat,
the quality of the whole film was fantastic!x
When you thought the movie was going to end it just carried on and I loved this!
The ending was superb, I wont spoil it for you,  don't worry!haha
I also loved the cast that were chosen. What great actors!
If you are deciding on whether to go and watch this film I highly recommend you do!x
Even though I said I wasn't going to spoil the ending for you,I AM GOING TO TELL YOU MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE MOVIE:
At the start of the movie, there is a helicopter fight thingy hahah I loved this !x
I also loved when Bond saved the women he loved!
What would you rate this film?
Would you recommend this film to another person?
Yes of course its brilliant!
Do you like action movies? Then go and watch this film!x
I hope you do watch the film, and if so love it as much as I do!x
Thanks for reading this weeks blog post ill see you next week!x


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  1. The film sounds amazing! Personally, I have never seen James Bond but maybe I will give it a go. I came from this blog if you are interested!!/
    El x