Tuesday, 27 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016 // Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and I hope you have a fantastic new year!
I would like to say I am so thankful for all the presents I received for Christmas :)

 Here are a list of a few things I got for Christmas 2016:

Christmas Pyjamas:
I absolutely love Christmas pyjamas so much, so I was so excited to get these!

Fluffy Christmas socks
These are so soft!

A bronzer 
This is a gorgeous warm brown toned bronzer, I haven't tried it out yet but i'm excited too, I think this may be a dupe for the hoola bronzer by benefit

A w7 makeup remover cloth
I tested this out today and its amazing!

An illuminated mirror
I am so excited to use this!

Jimmy Choo perfume gift set:

Here are links to most of the products listed in today's post :

Thank you for reading, see you soon!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Another Favourite YouTuber

Last week I spoke to you guys about Logan Paul Vlogs - How amazing is he!? This week I have another YouTuber who I love to watch. Many of you reading this may already know who I'm about to say - RomanAtwoodVlogs. Roman is very big within the YouTube platform, with his vlog channel having over 9 million subscribers, surely some of you reading this post know him!
Why do I like his videos? - apart from loving entertaining, hilarious videos like LoganPaul's I also love family orientated Vlogs. Roman currently has a girlfriend called Brittney and 2 children. Brittney is currently pregnant and I think they are hoping for a girl because they have two sons! Romans videos are not only entertaining and heart warming but influential. He inspires everyone everyday to proceed in something you love to do - so if you want to be a chef go and be a chef ect.
Roman's videos are also sometimes so crazy! He loves shooting and blowing up things, a few months ago he blew up a ton of lighters! It was crazy to watch. He is a true entertainer and he's is just all round fantastic!


Check out his vlog channel, Roman also has a prank channel but I prefer his Vlog's, although his pranks are brilliant!

Comment if you have seen his vlog's before!

Guys don't you think its crazy how next week we will hit December, surely your in the Christmas spirit now!?

See you soon

Saturday, 19 November 2016

My Favourite YouTuber

Welcome back !
Many of you know I love YouTube, I feel like its an amazing platform where you can find friends, help, creativity and more! Recently I have been loving watching specific people on YouTube, this week I'm going to tell you about a guy who's videos are amazing!
A few months ago I  found LOGAN PAUL!!!!! His videos are LITTTT!!! Logan's videos always seem to make me happy, well most of the time I'm a 10/10 anyway but his videos put me in the best mood! I think its because I act literally exactly the same as him ( I mean the way he's so crazy, funny and always dabs....guilty!).
His videos are always so entertaining, there's never a boring moment in his vlog's whether they're 20 minutes long or 10 minutes long. The way he edits is incredible and it must take him ages! he adds in clips from meme's and songs and they are just hilarious.
The other day he was filming a film with a Kangaroo - I'm not joking!


Check his channel out - I'm sure you'll love his videos as much as I do!!

Get ready for next weeks post on another one of my favourite YouTuber's.
Who is your favourite YouTuber?
Leave your answer in the comments below!

See you soon

Saturday, 12 November 2016

My New Youtube Channels

Last month I decided to re-vamp my YouTube channel (TamaraHartles), I didn't like the videos I posted anymore and I had changed since my old videos - I was more mature! I discovered I loved watching cover videos and as a singer myself I wanted to upload my own cover! So I did. Currently there is over 400 views on the cover and I am so impressed! I covered the song called Perfect Strangers. In the future I hope to upload beauty related videos but currently I am loving uploading covers.
A New Channel? - Yes that's right, I do have another channel which I made around the start of September, it is a vlog channel and I uploaded my first vlog on the 25th September! I am currently just about to start doing weekend vlog's again but while I was in the October holidays I decided to daily vlog, and I loved it! All I'm saying is get ready for vlogmas!!!!

Here are the links to my channels:

My Main Channel:

My Vlog Channel:

Have fun checking them out!

What is your favourite type of YouTube video to watch?
Comment below, I would love to know!!

See you soon

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Halloween 2K16

Hello Everyone!
In my last post I told you guys that I was a  zombie for Halloween, so today I decided to show you the makeup I did and what I wore.

The Makeup:

For the makeup I did a natural makeup look and then added a few extras : I used a grey toned eye shadow as contour to make me look skinny - like I hadn't eaten because I'm a zombie. I also used a purple/red eye shadow on my eyelids to make me look tired and last of all I used fake blood to make me look like I had been hurt/ I was dying.

The Costume:
For my costume I took a old dress and put fake blood all over the collar. Then I cut holes into different parts of the dress - when I did this I had the dress on so I didn't cut a hole where I didn't want one, I would not advise you do this because it can be dangerous! Last off all I cut (roughly) the bottom of my dress off - my dress was quite long so the length wasn't too short! I used the piece that I cut off the bottom of the dress as a belt which looked really cool!! I paired this dress with high knee socks and ballerina shoes for a simple but obvious zombie look!
What did you guys dress up as for Halloween?
Leave your answers in the comments below!x
See you soon

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Where Have I Been? // Tamara Hartles

So , I just checked and the last time I posted was the 30th July, that's just crazy, so lets have a chat. Many may ask - Where have you been? - Well I don't really know myself, all I know is 2016 has been a great year and a very busy year too. 'Why have you been gone so long?' - I had six weeks off from school and I did so much during the holidays so there wasn't much time to write for you guys, in the holidays I wanted to create new videos for my YouTube channel which did not happen because I was so busy having the time of my life!
'What did you do during the holiday's ?' - the question is what didn't I do!! At the end of July I went to Devon with my family to see my Nan and Grandad - I had an amazing time. Then it came to August. On the 2nd August I went to Turkey with my best friend Chloe and her family for 11 days - can I just say, it was amazing! Last of all for the last weekend of the holidays I went camping in Cornwall with my Auntie and Uncle - I love Cornwall!
Then we arrived in September - ugh I was going back to school. School is very busy at the moment because I am in the last year, as the days stack up so does the pile of my revision! Although I don't get much homework, I know I have to revise for the upcoming Mock exams this month - oh no!
Next we have October, I'm not going to lie I feel like the days are passing bye so quick I don't remember what I did yesterday let alone last week! At the start of this month I decided to change my YouTube channel, all my old videos are on private and I uploaded a song cover. I have been loving Vlogs recently so I also decided to create a vlogging channel and I'm obsessed. Throughout the October week off I daily vlogged and I had so much fun. A couple of days ago we had Halloween - I dressed up as a zombie which i'm sure you'll see in a upcoming post.
Now I'm sitting in my bedroom writing this post remembering all the fun things I have done since summer!

I would love to know what you guys did over the summer : so why not leave a comment - and is it bad to start thinking about Christmas now were in November - who's exciteddd?

Thankyou everyone who has read this post and I will be with you all soon :)

Saturday, 30 July 2016

MUA Brow Define // Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone, 
Today I have a review of the MUA Brow Define (Tinted Brow Mascara)

 So I am going to start by saying the packaging is very cheap and horrible but for the price I paid I wouldn't expect anything crazy amazing anyway. I bought this product from Superdrug for around £2.00 and got it in the shade 'Fair' (which is the lightest shade). I have very light eyebrows and this shade is perfect because it gives my brows texture and makes them look fuller as you will see in the picture down below. I noticed that if you use the smallest amount it makes your brows look very natural but if you don't wipe of the excess product from the wand your brows look very unrealistic and bold - i prefer the natural look.
Overall I would rate this product a 6/10 only because it can become quite cakey and hard to use if you have a little bit to much product on your wand, but for the price, this product is great. If you are new to makeup I would defiantly recommend buying this product to get used to how you use it before buying a high end product.

The left eyebrow has the brow define on and the right eyebrow has no product on 

I hope you find this review helpful and i'll see you soon 
Byeeee :)

Saturday, 4 June 2016

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review // Tamara Hartles

Hiya Everyone!
Today I have a review again... these past couple of months I have been writing a lot of reviews, but I just love them! If there is anything you would like me to review please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

Anyway, today I'm going to be reviewing these NYX soft matte lip creams and I have to say I love them!
The two shades I have got are:
  • London (04)
  • Abu Dhabi (09)
I had been looking for affordable matte liquid lipsticks for ages and I'm so glad I got these two because they are amazing! They are so cheap too, I paid £5.50 which I personally think is a amazing price! Most matte products are very drying on my lips ( which of course I hate because I have very dry skin) but these are amazing and actually moisturising (sort off) they feel like a thick cream on your lip but that's okay because when it dry's you cant tell its there / it doesn't feel heavy on your lips. I love the fact that this product doesn't smudge either.
The best part about this product is that it smells like toffee and fudge. Its just gorgeous, I would taste it but I feel like
1. that would be extremely weird
2. it wont taste as good as it smells
So about the packaging - I wouldn't say its amazing it looks quite cheap but I suppose for £5.50 you get what you pay for.. meaning your paying a affordable price so your going to get cheaper packaging!
The overall review I would give this product is a 9/ 10 , I love this!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post!
See.you soon!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer // Tamara Hartles

Hello everybody!
Welcome back to my blog.

Today i have a review on the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer.

The Product:
This primer is silicone based which I don't really like because it makes my foundation slide around although its very smooth and silky on the skin. The smallest amount goes a very long way, I normally use a pea sized amount on my whole face.

The Packaging:
I really like light/ bright colours so this tube really appeals to me, I like the pink letters and font because it stands out and is very cute and girly.

Price :
For this product I paid around £7.99 which I think is very expensive for a primer and I think this is defiantly over priced!

I would give this primer a 7/ 10 just because I don't like the finish it gives and  because I don't like silicone based primers.
Please don't hesitate to leave any questions down below.
I hope you like this review please don't forget to come back next week for a new blog post!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Top 10 Eurovision 2016 Performances // Tamara Hartles

Heya guys!
I Would first of all like to congratulate Joe and Jake for their performance for England this year!
It's that time of the year where all the family sit down and watch the Eurovision together. Apart from some acts being a bit strange and weird a lot of them where amazing and I loved most of them.
Can I just say Justin Timberlake was there whatttttttttttttt!

Here where my top acts from tonight:
  1. Great Britain - I mean I guess I have to say my own country.. right ? haha
  2. Armenia - Such  gorgeous women with a beautiful voice
  3. Malta - I just loved her voice!
  4. Russia - I loved their performance.
  5. Australia - WOW , what a voice!
  6. Bulgaria - Amazing!
  7. Czech Republic - I loved her dress and her voice and song was lovely!
  8. Belgium - What a way to kick off the show!
  9. France - Great!
  10.  Justin Timberlake - Even though this is not a act or even though he was not competing I just have to add him, because his act was amazing and his voice is just great !
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see you soon!
Bye, have a great week!

Last of all congratulations Ukraine !


Who Won The Eurovision Song Contest 2016? // Tamara Hartles

Score Board For The Eurovision Song Contest:

Congratulations Ukraine!
  1. Ukraine
  2. Australia
  3. Russia
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Sweden
  6. France
  7. Armenia 
  8. Poland
  9. Lithuania
  10. Belgium
  11. The Netherlands
  12. Malta
  13. Austria
  14. Israel
  15. Latvia
  16. Italy
  17. Azerbaijan
  18. Serbia
  19. Hungary
  20. Georgia
  21. Cyprus
  22. Spain
  23. Croatia
  24. United Kingdom
  25. Czech Republic
  26. Germany


Frozen Bath Bomb Review Lush cosmetics | Tamara Hartles

Heya Everyone, If your a Lush lover, hoarder like me ... I have a amazing bath bomb review for you guys today which I think you'll love.
The bath bomb ill be reviewing is the frozen bath bomb. 

The bath bomb before you put it in the bath is a gorgeous sky blue colour with speckles of glitter which sparkles in the light! Once I put this bath bomb in the bath, at first touch the water turned blue , it was amazing!

 The bath bomb didn't vigorously fizz like some other bath bombs it was a very soft fizz which I found very calming. This bath bomb has a nice soapy texture once it hits the bath which is very lovely and cleansing. After about 3 - 5 minutes the bath bomb finally stopped fizzing and had disintegrated into the water. This made my bath a light blue shade with a glittery finish.

   I love bath bombs which turn your bat a different colour so i would give this bath bomb a 10/10 because its very pigmented and the end finish of your bath looks amazing i cant express how much I

love this bath bomb!

I hope you liked this weeks blog post!
see you again soon!x

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Melting marshmallow moment Lush cosmetics // Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone,
Today i have another review for you guys on the ' Melting Marshmallow Moment' bath oil

At £2.00 i couldn't resist on getting this bath oil! Although I wasn't impressed with the outcome - it didn't really colour the bath - i loved the sweet scent ~(which has a sweet marshmallow smell).  I like the two tone effect (which you can see in the picture) on the bath oil.

When i put this in the bath I absolutely loved how the centre fizzed and the outside had a soapy effect which was really nourishing on the skin. When i got out the bath i could smell the sweetness on my skin which wasn't too overpowering but was very nice!

As i said before it didn't really colour the bath which i hoped it would have! I thought the bath would have turned a really pretty sunset orange colour but it didn't also it took ages for the product to actually finish fizzing and disintegrating :( . So for this i would only give this product a 7/ 10.

If someone asked me to recommend a bath oil i would definitely recommend the razzle dazzle bath oil - this turn your bath pink and its very pigmented and sparkly ! i just love it .

Monday, 2 May 2016

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review // Tamara Hartles

Hello everyone!

Recently i purchased this foundation and I LOVE IT, but before I was going to purchase this foundation I couldn't find any good reviews at all!
So today i decided to do a little review which has everything you need to know about this foundation.
 The first thing I would like to talk about is the shade I bought,  so I bought the shade 115 (which is the lightest shade). I also got the luminous and smooth foundation which is for normal to dry skin. this foundation feels very moisturising and smooth which I absolutely love!  Because of my dry skin I can't use very matte foundations because it looks very thick on my skin and looks terrible and this is why I use this dewy foundation!  Some of you may know my absolute favourite foundation is the Rimmel London match perfection foundation and this literally reaches my standards and I think I love the fit me foundation as much as the match perfection foundation!

The consistency is medium to light weight and the coverage is defiantly medium to high coverage. The foundation is quite runny but not too runny because its really easy to blend into your skin which I love. I love the packaging too!  Its very sleek and sophisticated which is gorgeous! 
I love the fact that the bottle has a pump which makes the bottle easy to use and you get just the right amount from one pump! 

Moreover I would give this foundation a 9/10.  it drops one one mark because it creases under my eyes ( but if you don't set any foundation with powder its going to crease anyway.. right? )
But it's a very fantastic and I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone!

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions about this foundation! I would love to answer them !xxx

Hope you liked this weeks blog post
See you soon!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes// Tamara Hartles

Heya gals/ guys,
Recently I've been researching ways to wash your makeup brushes, and there's loads! I didn't realise this was a thing until last year, of course now I know I decided to give it a go. I was a bit worried to begin with because the last time I tried to clean a makeup brush was when I was around 10 ( the brush was dirt cheap) and I really didn't know what I was doing .. .the results where ridiculously bad haha , my brush ended up drying like straw. WOOPS 
   Anyway, this time I was determined to clean them correctly ( especially if I was going to use them on other people too, its just hygienic!). I was speaking to my Nan a few weeks ago over the phone and I told her how you can wash your makeup brushes and her exact words were, "I always wash mine, I use soapy water!" So taking this advice I started thinking of ways I could wash them. 
   Just to test them out I decided to choose two brushes to clean as a tester. I used some shampoo and swirled the makeup brush into my hand while running the tap slowly over it. I carried on doing this until no dirty water ( I say dirty water but the water is just a skin colour from foundation) was still running from the brush. Then taking some conditioner placed them on a towel and left them for half a hour to soak up the wetness and then I transferred them to my window sill, this is because there is a radiator underneath so they will dry. I left these over night. Towards the end I realised I used a lot of shampoo for two brushes!
   Today I decided I would go in and wash all of my brushes but like my nans method, I filled by sink with warm water and skirted some shampoo in there. I swirled the brushes into my hand until all the foundation ect, was off my brush and then I emptied the sink and used conditioner on each brush and ran warm water on each brush to wash off the conditioner. My brushes were so soft! I dried them like I did before.
Both ways worked great but I believe the 1st method cleaned the brushes just that bit better!x
Here are some before and after photos so you can see!
Also I took a photo of the shampoo I used just I case you wanted to see!



I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, please comment down below other posts you would like to see me post!x
Bye have a great easter!x

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Easter Story// Story Time | Tamara Hartles

Why hello there!x
You have obviously arrived spontaneously probably not knowing what's going on in this week's blog post but hoping your about to read something great... well don't worry your about to sit down, get relaxed and read about one of my Easter memories.

I remember when I was younger my parents didn't really get us Easter eggs because we used to get a lot off our family (aunties and uncles ect.) so they used to get us cute presents - This one year my mom and dad set up a little Easter egg hunt in the garden consisting of kinder eggs and cream eggs. I was around six or seven and my brothers where around 10 and 13 so they obviously spotted straight away where all the eggs where. I had only got around 1 egg where as my brothers had about four or five. I remember them saving this one egg for me to spot on top of our green and orange slide, my oldest brother came running over and helped me up to quickly get the little egg. Once we had gathered all the eggs we went inside and we all had a present each waiting for us! I was so impressed with what I got! I had gotten some play dough but the post where in the shape of Winnie the pooh characters- which at the time was my favourite TV show!
So thank you mom and dad for letting me hold this memory with you!
This week I really couldn't decide what to do for a blog post but when you just take a break from everything that's going on around you,  memories like these swoop back into our minds and it just makes me think how grateful I am and how thankful I should really be!
I know a lot of people will just read this and forget what I'm saying but please, be thankful for everything your given because I know I'm not always thankful and I'm realising it now and I'm going to make small changes to show people how much I really do appreciate them!
Thank you for reading this week's blog post I'll see you again soon!x
©     Happy Easter 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

It's A New World!//Tamara Hartles

Top Five Places I would Like To Visit In The Future
This world is absolutely beautiful
And there are a bunch of different countries that are perfect
I love the Caribbean
Its just like paradise to me
x-Its my perfect stay-x
(All the pictures I use in this post are not mine, I have found them off Google images)


3.The Bahamas
4.St Kitts

5.Virgin Islands
So I don't know whether you can tell but I basically want to go to every country in the Caribbean! Here's a map so you can see all the country's.
I hope you like this weeks blog post!x
see you next week!xx


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day// Tamara Hartles

I feel like every year I want valentines day to be like a scene from a movie: roses are left outside your door with a tag that says a secret mysterious clue to who your lover is?... Im Jokingggg!!! Seriously though that is a massive expectation but the reality is you just sit at home watching YouTube, sipping on hot chcolate and forgetting its valentines day..Just me ? Okayyyy.

Did you like my intro?!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY
Today I decided that it would be fun to give you 3 diys which you could easily make!x So lets go!x

A Treat
This first idea was found on pinterest but I decided to change a few of the ingredients to make it that little bit special and unique.
So this is a strawberry and marshmallow kebab:
To see a in depth video on how I made these please click the link here :

A Gift
This idea is so easy!
All you need is a mason jar or mug or something cute to hold a few bits and bobs,
Then just get some of your friends or partners favourite treats and put them inside!!!xx

A Treat
Last of all for this Idea your going to need to print out a popcorn template!
Then Draw on a design onto the popcorn template ( colour it in ) and cut it out and assemble and glue the sides, tadaaaar you have a cute snack box 💜

So I hope you liked this weeks valentines day inspired blog post!x
See you next week

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana Dominicon Republic - Review // Tamara Hartles

Heya Everyone,
Welcome back to this weeks blog post,
so as some of you guys may know I went on holiday for Christmas with my family to Dominican Republic and we stayed in the Grand Bahia Principe in a beautiful place called Punta Cana!x
I decided to make a review of this hotel because I really love reading reviews so if your like me...Hey haha.

The great thing about this place was the staff. The entertainment team where very entertaining and everyone that worked there were very kind and respectful. I hear a lot of reviews say that the staff are disrespectful to them but they are definitely not - even if they were, then the traveller must have been horrible first! I still wouldn't be able to believe the staff were not kind because they were perfect! I have to give a big shout out to my room cleaner, she was such a kind loving women who took pride in her job. I remember going back to my room around one o'clock one day and the beds had been made beautifully with flowers laid out in pretty patterns. As I shut my room door and walked back to the ground floor I remember walking back to the beach and seeing my room cleaner with a bunch of flowers that she had hand picked! I remember thinking what a wonderful women she was!
The Reception staff were very caring and would help at any possible moments. A lot of people say that they were unsatisfied with the reception because it had no air conditioning, I thought this was going to be a huge problem but when I got to the hotel and stayed there for two weeks I didn't even need the air conditioning in the reception anyway because I'm pretty sure they had fans. The reception wasn't too hot at all! The only problem was with the Wi-Fi here! Unless you wanted to pay you could only have 60 Minutes free Wi-Fi and that still wasn't the best, but I suppose a holiday to me is about spending time with your family not being on your phone all the time..hehe. 

The standard bedroom size is huge compared to what I normally get off any other hotel! Within the room you had a perfect sized bathroom with a huge mirror and sink area, a joint toilet which had a wall to separate it a little bit and a joint shower and bath! You get a huge bed.. I think it was a king sized bed but I'm sure it was way bigger than a king sized bed and you get a little seating area and a table and chairs. Then you have a balcony with another table and chairs. Our balcony showed a cute view of a bunch of palm trees because we were on the third floor which was the top floor. The only complaints I would give about to room is that a few light bulbs didn't work and some of the grout in the tiles of the floor were sludgy and wet- this wasn't very nice to walk on (but that was only of a few tiles).
I seriously loved this hotel because it was huge! The amount of things you could do there was amazing. Within the hotel you had around four pools, the beach, mini golf, tennis courts, table tennis, a water park (although you did have to pay for this). Because the hotel was so big, they had buses that looked a, little bit like trains on wheels haha. The buses had bus stops and the bus stops occurred frequently so you could easily arrive at a destination or just before a destination and not have to walk for ages! I loved the idea of this. Also when it rained the trains had like side covers made from plastic which would lengthen to the bottom of the train so passengers and seats didn't get wet. This was excellent!
This brings me onto the landscape! The scenery in this hotel was to die for, there was tropical flowers everywhere and extra tall palm trees with super green leaves! The plants where kept to a perfect size and were never seen overgrown. Grass was chopped often and looked very fresh - basically the grounds where well kept although some tiles/ flooring had broken where the trains went over them which left a white dust on the 'roads'.
Within the resort the beach was kept very clean. The beach had a bar which was a excellent idea because you didn't have to walk far for a drink. Also the sand was so luxurious, it was definitely calming white sand. The beach also had a massage area and within the little hut you could also get your hair braided. The braids looked very professional and sleek. I saw a lot of the girls get their hair braided and I would definitely recommend it and I wish I had my hair braided too. The only problem with the beach was the sea weed, it was extremely bad but it was still there. In the sea it would wrap around your feet! But this was nothing to do width he hotel because the hotel didn't actually own the beach. On the beach lucky lucky men would come round and try and sell you fake goods. If you want to buy them go ahead but I wouldn't recommend you do this because they ask for a lot of money!. My father was going to buy some cigars from the lucky lucky men but they wanted him to pay around $150, of course my dad would not pay this amount of money. By the end of the holiday my dad had haggled with the man and got the price down to $50 yet he only wanted to pay around $25 so he said he didn't want to buy them. Another reason why he didn't want to buy them because the cigar's could have been banana cigars. Banana cigars are basically a bit of banana wrapped up in like a browny leaf which some people sell! Be Careful! hahaha. Apart from that we had a great beach!

Moreover the pool was excellent. With a swim up pool bar what more could I ask for- I could get Pina colada's at hand! ahhaha,  but being serious now I loved the pool because it was the perfect size. The depth of the pool water increased the further you go in so the further out you go the height decreased, which was great for me because I'm so small!x
The pool was very clean apart from one day in the afternoon someone had a poo in the pool. The had to shut the pool off for the rest of the night to clean it. I didn't use the pool after that haha but it was only two days before I was leaving anyway so it didn't bother me haha. In the pool my brother, dad and I would always play catch with a ball which was very fun. You can buy the water balls from the shops.
This brings me on to the shops! The shops in the hotel by the reception where quite pricey I have to admit but some of the products were worth buying for memories and things like that! The hotel had a little shopping place with around 30 shops and market stalls in the middle ( this is where they hold carribean street). BEWARE the men on the market stands are money grabbers, you may as well just go to the actual shops because they are way cheaper and they have better quality products. I remember one night we went to the stall for a pack of playing cards, the man took advantage and wanted 9 dollars for them when in the shop we could get them for three dollars! Anyway in the shops you can buy pens, Ornaments, jewellery and way more. I really liked the wind chimes you can buy they were very pretty. In the one shop on the left side of the entrance there was a very kind man that didn't bother you at all and this shop had some great stuff you can buy. The place has a toy store! In the toy store the sold cars, dolls that smell like vanilla and handmade wooden toys. The shops is so nice!x It was really nice for a few nights of my holiday to walk around this place.

Another place where you could shop was outside the reception, Men with stalls would stand there and let you have a look at some buts and bobs they were selling. I remember my mom bought a cute little turtle tot remember the holiday by and I bought a bunch of different Friendship bracelets which were so cute. They each had a little band which said Punta Cana. The prices they ask for are once again very expensive so make sure you haggle and lower the prices. There stalls have some very nice things you can buy!

I would like to talk to you guys about the food. At the start of the holiday, so the first week my family and I LOVED the food because there was a very wide range to choose from but towards the end we were literally eating noting- only breakfast and then very small portions for lunch and dinner. The food became extremely boring. Our holiday was over Christmas and so the food on Christmas day was excellent! The gave out steaks and a bunch of lovely food. The staff in the restaurant were very kind and willing to help in any way!

Last of all I would like to mention the bar staff. We had lovely service by these women. We would always sit outside at the end of the night to just relax and chill. The bar women would always politely come round and ask if you wanted a drink. As a thank you we would always give them a tip because the amount of drinks they held on the tray was crazy! Don't feel obliged to give tips though they give excellent service without having a tip!

I hope you like this review and ill see you next week with a new blog post!x