Sunday, 28 February 2016

It's A New World!//Tamara Hartles

Top Five Places I would Like To Visit In The Future
This world is absolutely beautiful
And there are a bunch of different countries that are perfect
I love the Caribbean
Its just like paradise to me
x-Its my perfect stay-x
(All the pictures I use in this post are not mine, I have found them off Google images)


3.The Bahamas
4.St Kitts

5.Virgin Islands
So I don't know whether you can tell but I basically want to go to every country in the Caribbean! Here's a map so you can see all the country's.
I hope you like this weeks blog post!x
see you next week!xx



  1. I haven't been to alot of places, but this past October I took a 7 day cruise to the Western Caribbean. It was amazing. I am looking forward to taking a cruise to some of the places you have pictures of. I am far from rich, but love to experience New things and New places, so I will be saving up.

    1. I love experiencing new things to! What part of the Caribbean did you go to?, let me know where your going, I would love to know! hehe I am in love with the Caribbean