Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day// Tamara Hartles

I feel like every year I want valentines day to be like a scene from a movie: roses are left outside your door with a tag that says a secret mysterious clue to who your lover is?... Im Jokingggg!!! Seriously though that is a massive expectation but the reality is you just sit at home watching YouTube, sipping on hot chcolate and forgetting its valentines day..Just me ? Okayyyy.

Did you like my intro?!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY
Today I decided that it would be fun to give you 3 diys which you could easily make!x So lets go!x

A Treat
This first idea was found on pinterest but I decided to change a few of the ingredients to make it that little bit special and unique.
So this is a strawberry and marshmallow kebab:
To see a in depth video on how I made these please click the link here :

A Gift
This idea is so easy!
All you need is a mason jar or mug or something cute to hold a few bits and bobs,
Then just get some of your friends or partners favourite treats and put them inside!!!xx

A Treat
Last of all for this Idea your going to need to print out a popcorn template!
Then Draw on a design onto the popcorn template ( colour it in ) and cut it out and assemble and glue the sides, tadaaaar you have a cute snack box 💜

So I hope you liked this weeks valentines day inspired blog post!x
See you next week

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