Thursday, 24 March 2016

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes// Tamara Hartles

Heya gals/ guys,
Recently I've been researching ways to wash your makeup brushes, and there's loads! I didn't realise this was a thing until last year, of course now I know I decided to give it a go. I was a bit worried to begin with because the last time I tried to clean a makeup brush was when I was around 10 ( the brush was dirt cheap) and I really didn't know what I was doing .. .the results where ridiculously bad haha , my brush ended up drying like straw. WOOPS 
   Anyway, this time I was determined to clean them correctly ( especially if I was going to use them on other people too, its just hygienic!). I was speaking to my Nan a few weeks ago over the phone and I told her how you can wash your makeup brushes and her exact words were, "I always wash mine, I use soapy water!" So taking this advice I started thinking of ways I could wash them. 
   Just to test them out I decided to choose two brushes to clean as a tester. I used some shampoo and swirled the makeup brush into my hand while running the tap slowly over it. I carried on doing this until no dirty water ( I say dirty water but the water is just a skin colour from foundation) was still running from the brush. Then taking some conditioner placed them on a towel and left them for half a hour to soak up the wetness and then I transferred them to my window sill, this is because there is a radiator underneath so they will dry. I left these over night. Towards the end I realised I used a lot of shampoo for two brushes!
   Today I decided I would go in and wash all of my brushes but like my nans method, I filled by sink with warm water and skirted some shampoo in there. I swirled the brushes into my hand until all the foundation ect, was off my brush and then I emptied the sink and used conditioner on each brush and ran warm water on each brush to wash off the conditioner. My brushes were so soft! I dried them like I did before.
Both ways worked great but I believe the 1st method cleaned the brushes just that bit better!x
Here are some before and after photos so you can see!
Also I took a photo of the shampoo I used just I case you wanted to see!



I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, please comment down below other posts you would like to see me post!x
Bye have a great easter!x

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Easter Story// Story Time | Tamara Hartles

Why hello there!x
You have obviously arrived spontaneously probably not knowing what's going on in this week's blog post but hoping your about to read something great... well don't worry your about to sit down, get relaxed and read about one of my Easter memories.

I remember when I was younger my parents didn't really get us Easter eggs because we used to get a lot off our family (aunties and uncles ect.) so they used to get us cute presents - This one year my mom and dad set up a little Easter egg hunt in the garden consisting of kinder eggs and cream eggs. I was around six or seven and my brothers where around 10 and 13 so they obviously spotted straight away where all the eggs where. I had only got around 1 egg where as my brothers had about four or five. I remember them saving this one egg for me to spot on top of our green and orange slide, my oldest brother came running over and helped me up to quickly get the little egg. Once we had gathered all the eggs we went inside and we all had a present each waiting for us! I was so impressed with what I got! I had gotten some play dough but the post where in the shape of Winnie the pooh characters- which at the time was my favourite TV show!
So thank you mom and dad for letting me hold this memory with you!
This week I really couldn't decide what to do for a blog post but when you just take a break from everything that's going on around you,  memories like these swoop back into our minds and it just makes me think how grateful I am and how thankful I should really be!
I know a lot of people will just read this and forget what I'm saying but please, be thankful for everything your given because I know I'm not always thankful and I'm realising it now and I'm going to make small changes to show people how much I really do appreciate them!
Thank you for reading this week's blog post I'll see you again soon!x
©     Happy Easter