Saturday, 14 May 2016

Frozen Bath Bomb Review Lush cosmetics | Tamara Hartles

Heya Everyone, If your a Lush lover, hoarder like me ... I have a amazing bath bomb review for you guys today which I think you'll love.
The bath bomb ill be reviewing is the frozen bath bomb. 

The bath bomb before you put it in the bath is a gorgeous sky blue colour with speckles of glitter which sparkles in the light! Once I put this bath bomb in the bath, at first touch the water turned blue , it was amazing!

 The bath bomb didn't vigorously fizz like some other bath bombs it was a very soft fizz which I found very calming. This bath bomb has a nice soapy texture once it hits the bath which is very lovely and cleansing. After about 3 - 5 minutes the bath bomb finally stopped fizzing and had disintegrated into the water. This made my bath a light blue shade with a glittery finish.

   I love bath bombs which turn your bat a different colour so i would give this bath bomb a 10/10 because its very pigmented and the end finish of your bath looks amazing i cant express how much I

love this bath bomb!

I hope you liked this weeks blog post!
see you again soon!x

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