Saturday, 14 May 2016

Top 10 Eurovision 2016 Performances // Tamara Hartles

Heya guys!
I Would first of all like to congratulate Joe and Jake for their performance for England this year!
It's that time of the year where all the family sit down and watch the Eurovision together. Apart from some acts being a bit strange and weird a lot of them where amazing and I loved most of them.
Can I just say Justin Timberlake was there whatttttttttttttt!

Here where my top acts from tonight:
  1. Great Britain - I mean I guess I have to say my own country.. right ? haha
  2. Armenia - Such  gorgeous women with a beautiful voice
  3. Malta - I just loved her voice!
  4. Russia - I loved their performance.
  5. Australia - WOW , what a voice!
  6. Bulgaria - Amazing!
  7. Czech Republic - I loved her dress and her voice and song was lovely!
  8. Belgium - What a way to kick off the show!
  9. France - Great!
  10.  Justin Timberlake - Even though this is not a act or even though he was not competing I just have to add him, because his act was amazing and his voice is just great !
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see you soon!
Bye, have a great week!

Last of all congratulations Ukraine !

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