Saturday, 26 November 2016

Another Favourite YouTuber

Last week I spoke to you guys about Logan Paul Vlogs - How amazing is he!? This week I have another YouTuber who I love to watch. Many of you reading this may already know who I'm about to say - RomanAtwoodVlogs. Roman is very big within the YouTube platform, with his vlog channel having over 9 million subscribers, surely some of you reading this post know him!
Why do I like his videos? - apart from loving entertaining, hilarious videos like LoganPaul's I also love family orientated Vlogs. Roman currently has a girlfriend called Brittney and 2 children. Brittney is currently pregnant and I think they are hoping for a girl because they have two sons! Romans videos are not only entertaining and heart warming but influential. He inspires everyone everyday to proceed in something you love to do - so if you want to be a chef go and be a chef ect.
Roman's videos are also sometimes so crazy! He loves shooting and blowing up things, a few months ago he blew up a ton of lighters! It was crazy to watch. He is a true entertainer and he's is just all round fantastic!


Check out his vlog channel, Roman also has a prank channel but I prefer his Vlog's, although his pranks are brilliant!

Comment if you have seen his vlog's before!

Guys don't you think its crazy how next week we will hit December, surely your in the Christmas spirit now!?

See you soon

Saturday, 19 November 2016

My Favourite YouTuber

Welcome back !
Many of you know I love YouTube, I feel like its an amazing platform where you can find friends, help, creativity and more! Recently I have been loving watching specific people on YouTube, this week I'm going to tell you about a guy who's videos are amazing!
A few months ago I  found LOGAN PAUL!!!!! His videos are LITTTT!!! Logan's videos always seem to make me happy, well most of the time I'm a 10/10 anyway but his videos put me in the best mood! I think its because I act literally exactly the same as him ( I mean the way he's so crazy, funny and always dabs....guilty!).
His videos are always so entertaining, there's never a boring moment in his vlog's whether they're 20 minutes long or 10 minutes long. The way he edits is incredible and it must take him ages! he adds in clips from meme's and songs and they are just hilarious.
The other day he was filming a film with a Kangaroo - I'm not joking!


Check his channel out - I'm sure you'll love his videos as much as I do!!

Get ready for next weeks post on another one of my favourite YouTuber's.
Who is your favourite YouTuber?
Leave your answer in the comments below!

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

My New Youtube Channels

Last month I decided to re-vamp my YouTube channel (TamaraHartles), I didn't like the videos I posted anymore and I had changed since my old videos - I was more mature! I discovered I loved watching cover videos and as a singer myself I wanted to upload my own cover! So I did. Currently there is over 400 views on the cover and I am so impressed! I covered the song called Perfect Strangers. In the future I hope to upload beauty related videos but currently I am loving uploading covers.
A New Channel? - Yes that's right, I do have another channel which I made around the start of September, it is a vlog channel and I uploaded my first vlog on the 25th September! I am currently just about to start doing weekend vlog's again but while I was in the October holidays I decided to daily vlog, and I loved it! All I'm saying is get ready for vlogmas!!!!

Here are the links to my channels:

My Main Channel:

My Vlog Channel:

Have fun checking them out!

What is your favourite type of YouTube video to watch?
Comment below, I would love to know!!

See you soon

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Halloween 2K16

Hello Everyone!
In my last post I told you guys that I was a  zombie for Halloween, so today I decided to show you the makeup I did and what I wore.

The Makeup:

For the makeup I did a natural makeup look and then added a few extras : I used a grey toned eye shadow as contour to make me look skinny - like I hadn't eaten because I'm a zombie. I also used a purple/red eye shadow on my eyelids to make me look tired and last of all I used fake blood to make me look like I had been hurt/ I was dying.

The Costume:
For my costume I took a old dress and put fake blood all over the collar. Then I cut holes into different parts of the dress - when I did this I had the dress on so I didn't cut a hole where I didn't want one, I would not advise you do this because it can be dangerous! Last off all I cut (roughly) the bottom of my dress off - my dress was quite long so the length wasn't too short! I used the piece that I cut off the bottom of the dress as a belt which looked really cool!! I paired this dress with high knee socks and ballerina shoes for a simple but obvious zombie look!
What did you guys dress up as for Halloween?
Leave your answers in the comments below!x
See you soon

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Where Have I Been? // Tamara Hartles

So , I just checked and the last time I posted was the 30th July, that's just crazy, so lets have a chat. Many may ask - Where have you been? - Well I don't really know myself, all I know is 2016 has been a great year and a very busy year too. 'Why have you been gone so long?' - I had six weeks off from school and I did so much during the holidays so there wasn't much time to write for you guys, in the holidays I wanted to create new videos for my YouTube channel which did not happen because I was so busy having the time of my life!
'What did you do during the holiday's ?' - the question is what didn't I do!! At the end of July I went to Devon with my family to see my Nan and Grandad - I had an amazing time. Then it came to August. On the 2nd August I went to Turkey with my best friend Chloe and her family for 11 days - can I just say, it was amazing! Last of all for the last weekend of the holidays I went camping in Cornwall with my Auntie and Uncle - I love Cornwall!
Then we arrived in September - ugh I was going back to school. School is very busy at the moment because I am in the last year, as the days stack up so does the pile of my revision! Although I don't get much homework, I know I have to revise for the upcoming Mock exams this month - oh no!
Next we have October, I'm not going to lie I feel like the days are passing bye so quick I don't remember what I did yesterday let alone last week! At the start of this month I decided to change my YouTube channel, all my old videos are on private and I uploaded a song cover. I have been loving Vlogs recently so I also decided to create a vlogging channel and I'm obsessed. Throughout the October week off I daily vlogged and I had so much fun. A couple of days ago we had Halloween - I dressed up as a zombie which i'm sure you'll see in a upcoming post.
Now I'm sitting in my bedroom writing this post remembering all the fun things I have done since summer!

I would love to know what you guys did over the summer : so why not leave a comment - and is it bad to start thinking about Christmas now were in November - who's exciteddd?

Thankyou everyone who has read this post and I will be with you all soon :)