Saturday, 26 November 2016

Another Favourite YouTuber

Last week I spoke to you guys about Logan Paul Vlogs - How amazing is he!? This week I have another YouTuber who I love to watch. Many of you reading this may already know who I'm about to say - RomanAtwoodVlogs. Roman is very big within the YouTube platform, with his vlog channel having over 9 million subscribers, surely some of you reading this post know him!
Why do I like his videos? - apart from loving entertaining, hilarious videos like LoganPaul's I also love family orientated Vlogs. Roman currently has a girlfriend called Brittney and 2 children. Brittney is currently pregnant and I think they are hoping for a girl because they have two sons! Romans videos are not only entertaining and heart warming but influential. He inspires everyone everyday to proceed in something you love to do - so if you want to be a chef go and be a chef ect.
Roman's videos are also sometimes so crazy! He loves shooting and blowing up things, a few months ago he blew up a ton of lighters! It was crazy to watch. He is a true entertainer and he's is just all round fantastic!


Check out his vlog channel, Roman also has a prank channel but I prefer his Vlog's, although his pranks are brilliant!

Comment if you have seen his vlog's before!

Guys don't you think its crazy how next week we will hit December, surely your in the Christmas spirit now!?

See you soon

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