Saturday, 12 November 2016

My New Youtube Channels

Last month I decided to re-vamp my YouTube channel (TamaraHartles), I didn't like the videos I posted anymore and I had changed since my old videos - I was more mature! I discovered I loved watching cover videos and as a singer myself I wanted to upload my own cover! So I did. Currently there is over 400 views on the cover and I am so impressed! I covered the song called Perfect Strangers. In the future I hope to upload beauty related videos but currently I am loving uploading covers.
A New Channel? - Yes that's right, I do have another channel which I made around the start of September, it is a vlog channel and I uploaded my first vlog on the 25th September! I am currently just about to start doing weekend vlog's again but while I was in the October holidays I decided to daily vlog, and I loved it! All I'm saying is get ready for vlogmas!!!!

Here are the links to my channels:

My Main Channel:

My Vlog Channel:

Have fun checking them out!

What is your favourite type of YouTube video to watch?
Comment below, I would love to know!!

See you soon

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