Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Where Have I Been? // Tamara Hartles

So , I just checked and the last time I posted was the 30th July, that's just crazy, so lets have a chat. Many may ask - Where have you been? - Well I don't really know myself, all I know is 2016 has been a great year and a very busy year too. 'Why have you been gone so long?' - I had six weeks off from school and I did so much during the holidays so there wasn't much time to write for you guys, in the holidays I wanted to create new videos for my YouTube channel which did not happen because I was so busy having the time of my life!
'What did you do during the holiday's ?' - the question is what didn't I do!! At the end of July I went to Devon with my family to see my Nan and Grandad - I had an amazing time. Then it came to August. On the 2nd August I went to Turkey with my best friend Chloe and her family for 11 days - can I just say, it was amazing! Last of all for the last weekend of the holidays I went camping in Cornwall with my Auntie and Uncle - I love Cornwall!
Then we arrived in September - ugh I was going back to school. School is very busy at the moment because I am in the last year, as the days stack up so does the pile of my revision! Although I don't get much homework, I know I have to revise for the upcoming Mock exams this month - oh no!
Next we have October, I'm not going to lie I feel like the days are passing bye so quick I don't remember what I did yesterday let alone last week! At the start of this month I decided to change my YouTube channel, all my old videos are on private and I uploaded a song cover. I have been loving Vlogs recently so I also decided to create a vlogging channel and I'm obsessed. Throughout the October week off I daily vlogged and I had so much fun. A couple of days ago we had Halloween - I dressed up as a zombie which i'm sure you'll see in a upcoming post.
Now I'm sitting in my bedroom writing this post remembering all the fun things I have done since summer!

I would love to know what you guys did over the summer : so why not leave a comment - and is it bad to start thinking about Christmas now were in November - who's exciteddd?

Thankyou everyone who has read this post and I will be with you all soon :)

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